Let Me Speak to the Manager

See the picture? Before Karen was a racist, Karen complained to the manager about everything…

Now I want you to forget about the racist interpretation of the name Karen. Racists don’t even deserve names- they should just be called evil…

But let’s get back to the picture. Call this woman whatever you want. Let’s just say that the goal of this meme is to shut women up.


Think about it.

Women are not supposed to complain.

Women are supposed to take what comes to them.

Women don’t have the right to expect the best service, to get what they pay for, to complain when something is wrong…

Remember my blog the other day, the one about getting my order wrong…twice?

Do you think the first thing the waiter said when he got back to the kitchen was “OMG Karen at table 3…”?

Why does society want to shut women up?

Don’t we deserve to have our voices heard?

Don’t we deserve to eat the omelet the way we want to?

Don’t we deserve to say something when we aren’t being treated fairly or correctly?

Let’s stop putting each other down. Let’s start supporting one another.

If we don’t learn to treat one another with respect and kindness, we have nothing left…