Anything Can Happen Friday: The Killers

I am a fan of The Killers.

When I say this, I refer to the rock band, not people on death row. Though I guess it could actually go either way because I do tend to gravitate towards movies and TV shows about serial killers…

But I digress.

Mr. Brightside. The Killers.

So a few months ago I got an alert that The Killers were playing Madison Square Garden on September 30.

I check my calendar. I’m free. Awesome.

So on the appointed date -ok- I was at the shore the weekend tickets went on sale, so three days after tickets went on sale… I bought two tickets. I electronically added it to my online calendar.

Now, on the first day of each new month, I go through my obligations. I look at what’s on the books and see if I need to prepare for anything. I begin to schedule tasks, confirm things, etc.

And I look to the end of the month and I don’t see event scheduled in my online calendar…


So I go back to the tickets and I do “Add to my calendar” again.


I go back to the tickets to quadruple check the date.


The tickets are for next year.

And I pull up my electronic calendar for 2022- wedding in March. Weekend with friends in July. Killers in September…

Tech wins this round for having the right date while I didn’t…

But really- who would think The Killers would be selling tickets over a year in advance?

I think my Husband is busy that day:

Anyone want to join me for the show?