Once upon a time there was a couple. Person A was extremely competent and pragmatic. A doesn’t own many things, but when A makes a purchase, much thought goes into it. A tends to keep their things in good working order and generally takes care of them.

B, the partner of A, is not really a buyer either, and doesn’t generally think about what are good things to have. B is not great at taking care of the things in their possession.

One day B had to go into the office with their computer. B does not have a laptop bag, so B asked to borrow A’s.

So A lent B the bag. The bag that took A a month to find, because it is black and slimline and has just the right amount of pockets, has an outer folder pocket and was very inexpensive at Burlington Coat Factory.

The day that B borrowed the laptop bag was one of substantial rain. When B was leaving the abode, B picked up the first available umbrella, which was A’s.

A is very particular about umbrella’s. A likes a mini size because it’s easier to carry. A chooses to have a manual open umbrella because in this case, size is more important to convenience. A get’s a very specific umbrella from Amazon.

B had no idea where their umbrella was, so just grabbed A’s…

B had a French dip sandwich for lunch that day. A French dip is basically a roast beef with au jus on the side.

Au jus, in this case, comes in a Styrofoam container with an ill fitting plastic lid.

B decided to bring home leftover sandwich and au jus.

In the laptop bag.

Guess what happens next?

If you guessed au jus spills all over everything in bag you get a hearty handshake and a pat on the back. The author of this tale doesn’t have the funds to actually give away prizes to everyone who knew that was the answer…

So the laptop bag, and all it’s contents smell like roast beef…

Do you want to walk down dog filled streets with a bag and an umbrella that smell like meat?

No amount of Fabreze cloth spray is going to cover that scent. And you can’t throw a laptop bag and an umbrella in the wash.

A knows. A tried.

So A now keeps their possessions under lock and key. A left the key on B’s shelf because A knows that B would never look for it there.

And they lived happily ever after