Anything Can Happen Friday- Start Again

In the past ten days, three of my blog friends have decided to pull the plug on their blogs. These are three bloggers who I have followed for years, and I have built a relationship with. I laughed with them, cried at their pain and cheered at their successes. I have noticed other blog friends taper off how much they post. As I didn’t read any blogs a few weeks ago, I’m guessing I’m in for some other surprise exits.

Conversely, I’ve gained a lot of new followers in the past few weeks: people with brand new blogs. Welcome, if you are of one of those newbies.

So I’ve begun to think that the vaccination has given to a sort of rebirth. People taking stock of their lives- throwing out the things that aren’t working, trying to see what things fit their new mentality. People are starting anew.

I know we do this every year at New Year’s- those “resolutions” that things will be better in the upcoming year. The things that people usually give up on when Valentine’s Day rolls around.

But will this shift in our mentalities be different this time?

Have we survived our darkest hours?

Do we actually realize that we can be “better”? And if not better, maybe just try to do things a little differently because we see the futility? We’ve watched death come knocking and realize that it’s time to live, because the opposite is right there in front of us?

Do we want to start over?

I know that Spring is the traditional time of rebirth- the flowers are beginning to bloom, the leaves are itching to make an appearance. It is nature’s way of saying- Hey- new things are on the horizon if you are willing to open your eyes and look…come join the party…

Are you actively trying to start fresh?

Have you added something new to your routine, or have you tossed aside something that you held onto for far too long?

Do you have a brand new attitude?

Is this truly a time of to start over?

What do you think?