How Bad Do You Want a Frappucino?

The following is based on a discussion/debate that my family had. Imagine you are there…which side do you fall on?

The Setting: Airport Starbucks- it’s a small outpost- only two employees

If there is a line of people…assume at least three people behind you

Do you order a drink that takes several minutes to make, like a frappucino?

Is it rude to have the barista make a time consuming drink when others are waiting?


Are you going to Starbucks because you really want a certain beverage and you will order anything you want because you waited in line as well and are paying for it?

Which side do you fall on and why?


That Was Rude

Last week I talked about a comment made to me on the street- “Nice Ass Grandma”. Several people commented on the remark for its rudeness and sexual connotation and how it’s demeaning to women.  And I agree with all of it.


I don’t like any rude remarks regardless of what they represent.  I don’t think anyone should ever say anything rude to anyone else.  Pretty much ever.

Have I said rude things? You bet.  Have I regretted them? 99% of the time.  Sometimes I have been treated so poorly I don’t think I was rude enough in my response. So I’ve been rude and people have been rude towards me.

However- do you know the rude behavior regarding my physical appearance to be the most annoying? When someone comments on my height.  I am five feet two inches tall on a good day.  Which is under average.  Which makes me short. Do you know how many comments I’ve received about being short? I don’t- but I know it outnumbers every other thing said to me.  And the people who have commented on my height are all backgrounds, race, religion and sex.  Some were outright mocks, some were backhanded compliments, and some were just plain obnoxious.  All of them bothered me.

So here’s my question for today: Why do people feel the need to say something, anything about another person? Does it make them feel better about themselves? Do they just have an innate desire to not be a nice person?

Now- I’m going to skip to other types of rude behavior.  Do you know who has made the comments that have affected me the most?  My Mother. My Mother has made the rudest comments to me, the ones that hurt me the most deeply.  You want to know why I spend so much time talking about parenting, trying to be a better parent? Because I know how much a parent influences their child.

Do you the next group of people who make the rudest comments to me are?  My inlaws.  I am treated with disdain pretty much every time I interact with them.  there is not an occasion when they have not said at least one rude comment.

So here’s the thing about rude behavior.  It’s everywhere, and spoken by everyone.

How do we stop it?  Well, we each have to stop being rude to one another. If every person doesn’t actively make the effort to be kind to others we will never rid bad behavior.