Gratitude Saturday June 12

The other day the Doctor’s office called to reschedule my appointment. I said to the scheduler, “let me check my calendar.”

I’m grateful that I once again have a calendar that needs checking.

I’m grateful that the little boxes in my planner are no longer a home for stickers, but contain actual things to do and places to go and people to see

I’m grateful that my tea society meets in person today

I’m grateful that I saw live music yesterday

I’m grateful for life

My New Planner…

Awhile back, my friend SF said to me: “Really? What did you blog today? About a thousand words on your new planner?” And I responded “Yup. Write what you know and write what you love.”

So last year I waxed rhapsodic about the closest thing I had ever found to planner perfection. The only fault was that 1) is was an academic planner and went July to July and 2) it didn’t have enough room for notes.

Since this planner was going to end next month, I began searching for a new planner a few months ago. This is serious business. I think about planner before, and then I think about how functional it was for my needs, and then what improvements can I make. The biggest functionality issue I had was that it was 1 page per day. This was good, but not optimal, because I use a planner to plan our my week, not so much as an appointment calendar (I use the calendar on my phone- I like having my schedule available at all times and the ability to search quickly) but more as an organizing tool. I found the day by day planner too difficult to use, because I couldn’t see the week as a whole. Plus, I needed more note pages.

My research led me to Plum Paper. Disclaimer: I have not received anything from this company for talking about them today. I love this planner so much I had to share it with my world.



tabbed sections

Monthly Goal Setting and Overview

Monthly Note Pages(also blank pages at back of book)

Month at a glance with enough room to actually write things

I chose the weekly layout with mini day sections. I label them blog, dinner, top three, fun, self care, family, novel.  Note it has full columns for Saturday and Sunday.  So many planners combine the weekend, like we don’t have to actually do anything on the weekends.


A tracker page- caveat- if you use the page vertically there are not 31 boxes across, so I set this up landscape, but this leaves me too much wasted space.  This is the most basic design flaw I found.  I like a tracker page because it reminds me about daily tasks, like vitamins or cleaning the litter box.


And that’s all for today.  I need to start filling in all the blanks in my planner…