How Bad Do You Want a Frappucino?

The following is based on a discussion/debate that my family had. Imagine you are there…which side do you fall on?

The Setting: Airport Starbucks- it’s a small outpost- only two employees

If there is a line of people…assume at least three people behind you

Do you order a drink that takes several minutes to make, like a frappucino?

Is it rude to have the barista make a time consuming drink when others are waiting?


Are you going to Starbucks because you really want a certain beverage and you will order anything you want because you waited in line as well and are paying for it?

Which side do you fall on and why?


The One Where I Become a Curmudgeon

As I’ve entered a new age, I decided to complain about young people just a little.

A few months ago we were at brunch. It was raining so we were seated indoors: 25% capacity, everyone wearing masks except when eating. You know the drill by now.

The waiter came to take our order. With my mask on, as per protocol, I stated that I wanted an omelet with swiss cheese, tomato and mushrooms. All of these things were listed in available ingredients list in the “make your own” omelet section. The waiter did not repeat the order back to me, nor write it down.

You know what happened.

Spinach instead of swiss cheese. FYI- I love spinach. I don’t love spinach in my omelet.

I told the waiter that my order was wrong. He argued with me. Yes. He argued with me as to what I ordered.

I repeated “Swiss” not “Spinach”

He did not repeat it back to me nor write it down.

When it came out again: cheddar cheese.


Twice the order was wrong.

I did not send it back a second time. My daughter was waiting to eat, even though I told her to start. I ate the cheddar omelet.

However, I gave the waiter a lousy tip.

So the old curmudgeon in me asks: In a world where we are wearing masks and it makes it more difficult to hear, and there is loud music playing, how do you not repeat the order back? How do you not write it down?

How do you get it wrong twice?

I get that being a restaurant worker during pandemic has not been easy. I get that nothing has been easy. But shouldn’t you still take pride in your job? Shouldn’t you still be doing the best that you can? Shouldn’t you be happy that you still are employed?

Back in my day…