Gratitude and Calm June 8

The jackhammering in my building continues in earnest…I went to Target yesterday and forgot to buy the milk that I went there to buy (and I had a list….) Federer lost… I got three calls from, I believe, Azerbaijan in the middle of the night therefore screwing up any chance of a good sleep…

But on the bright side:


I am eternally grateful to my Daughter’s friends and her high school classmates. In NYC there is a tradition called “bedding”. Your friends come over to your house and put snacks the color of your college (my daughters college is blue and grey so she got oreos, graham crackers, pretzel m&m’s, and I don’t remember what other blue wrapping) and they make a cake or cupcakes with the school colors, and put all your merch out, and balloons….it’s really cute. And to see them hiding in her room waiting for her  to come home from her babysitting job….yelling surprise….and to hear nine girls laughing and giggling….I will miss these groups of kids hanging out in my house.

She also got her yearbook yesterday and kids started to sign. Last night we read through, and I couldn’t help buy tear up a little reading all the sweet things these kids had to say about her, seeing her through there eyes….grateful that she had a relatively charmed high school experience…


I had something on my mind for awhile. I wrote it out. I feel better. Sometimes it’s that simple.

Gratitude and Calm June 1

In a nutshell, the week that was: they started doing work on the garage attached to our building. Jackhammering five hours a day. Good times. It’s like a continual mini earthquake. Maybe we should charge people, like a ride. Two of my friends lost pets, one a dog younger than mine, a dog that the family got because they saw our dog and just knew they were meant to be dog owners. My daughter did win a small scholarship, so money in a plus!!

Gratitude: I am grateful I bought a full 2019 planner. I had thoughts of winging it this month, as my old planner ended yesterday and the new planners all start in July, but as June 2019 sets out to be the busiest month in recorded history, I need space to plan and deliberate.

Calm: I have had a pretty easy ride with my teen. But of course, with college on the horizon, she is beginning to feel that dreaded push/pull of adult v child. Yesterday she was in a &*^%& mood, and I took 3(or perhaps 300) deep breaths and reminded myself that in a few months she will be gone, and I didn’t get baited by the sarcastic and arrogant hooks she was flailing about.


Buzzing Around Mindfulness

The next thing I’m going to work on next year is mindfulness.  Now, before you start thinking- “Oh good- LA has gotten so trite she is now going to go down the list of 2018 buzz words…” hear me out.

One of our favorite family vacation anecdotes revolves around our trip to Zion Canyon in Utah (FYI- one of the most spectacular places I’ve ever seen). My daughter was probably about seven, and this was the first trip we’d taken which did not in some way revolve around an amusement part.

We arrived at the park about noon local time.  We’d flown into Vegas the night before, and made the drive that morning. My daughter and I stood on the trail admiring the beauty of the majestic landscape before me. (OK- I was admiring.  My daughter wanted to know when we were going to ride horses…) Husband was about ten feet ahead of us and looked back and said “Come on. Let’s get on with it.”  I walked up to him and said “Where are we hurrying to? It’s not like we’re going to miss the 6 train…”

See- here’s the thing: Me, my husband, my daughter, the people around me are often so focused on checking things off our never ending lists that we forget to stop and think about what is going on in front of us. I often need a literal canyon in front of me to make me stop and take it all in.


Where am I rushing to? Why am I rushing? I need to stop and ask myself these questions at least once a day.  I set phone reminders to make sure I take care of tasks: buy milk- ping, mail stitchfix back- ping, change litter- ping.  I’m going to set reminders to take a mind break.

“LA- stop what you’re doing and take a deep breath. Look at what is right in front of you.” PING.

Why is this so important? Because we’re not here to just take care of to do’s. We’re here to take care of each other.  We’re here to take care of ourselves. To take of our bodies, our minds and our souls.

And that’s the most important thing to check off the list.

And in a strange coincidence, something really good just happened in our household, so I’m going to savor the moment!