Positively a Met Fan

A few months ago, someone asked me to unfollow them, and said they were unfollowing me because I wasn’t positive and they only surround themselves with positive people.

Fine. It’s a little doth protest too much for me, as was witnessed by a tirade they posted on another blog that was heavy on judgement and negativity…but…whatever…

So now that you have the backstory, I must ask:

What is positivity?

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Am I a positive person?

Well, I am a Met fan. Have been since I was old enough to know what baseball was. Of course it helps that my Dad was a Met fan and the Mets won the World Series in 1969, when I was five. My first memories as a Met fan was them winning a world series.

I had to hold onto that memory until 1986…

And I’m still holding on now…

Does being a Met fan make one positive?

Every year, I enter the season and expect that we will win the World Series. And every year, bar two, I have watched them falter. Yet I optimistically enter every April with dreams of a parade down lower Broadway…If that’s not positivity, then I don’t know what is…


I will admit that I lean towards the pragmatic. I think that there has to be balance in life, and I think that sometimes you need to be realistic about things. Like when I was at the Met game last week and the score was 10-0 Mets, and I couldn’t help but wonder if that was enough runs to secure a victory…

I also have a little superstition in me, and I won’t talk about something till it’s a done deal, and I’m afraid to jinx the outcome…I’ve had things taken away at zero hour, and it’s not pleasant or fun…so I admit I can be cautiously optimistic…(again…I won’t talk about what place the Mets are in now, in June. I won’t talk about it till October…and even that’s a maybe)

Being a Met fan has shown me the highs as well as the lows. I’ve seen the unbelievable…Game 6….and I’ve watched them have a six game lead and blow it in September.

But every April…

So maybe I’m not totally positive…but I’m not totally negative either. I just look at what’s in front of me and look at all the sides that are there…and add in a little tiny dash of hope…

Five Word Friday


As it’s the first Friday of the month, this is the day we choose to tell about our day, month or year by using only five words!! Feel free to go longer if you feel the urge!

Now to my five words:

Five pitcher no-hitter? Cry foul!!

For background- my beloved Mets had a no hitter last week. It was indeed a game where the Phillies had zero hits. However, the Mets used 5 pitchers to accomplish this feat. I just don’t think it’s right to call it a no hitter… We need to find another term.

What Inspired Me: 2/13/22

  • Morgan Library has a lovely exhibit – Gwendolyn Brooks: A Poet’s Work in Community. Also peeked at selections from The Kasper Collection and recent acquisitions.
  • Tenho makes an awesome bowl of tonkatsu ramen!!! Just delcious!
  • There will be a blog about the whole making a Martha Stewart recipe- but suffice to say the cake was excellent…
  • Loving touring the Met in gallery number order, however, the Met just announced that some of the galleries will be closed for three years, due to renovation (bet you thought your contractor was slow) so I may do those galleries next!! However, I am enjoying Greco Roman! I also saw special exhibit The Good Life: Collecting Late Antique Art at the Met. The exhibit was good, but the room it’s housed in was even better. Gallery 302 very cool!!
  • For those of you who watch Gilded Age, I took a shot of the corner of 61st & 5th, where the houses were supposed to have been. Not quite gilded age anymore, but the Pierre is pretty.

What Inspired Me July 4

If I had to name this week it would be that some things can’t be described: I have neither the photo skills or writing ability to adequately talk about my week

  1. In my search for best burger, I think I may have found a contender. Gramercy Tavern makes a mean (and pricey) cheeseburger. It was pretty close to perfection
  2. Went to Fotografiska. The exhibits were not merely photographs- they were explorations of themes and tropes. The Miles Aldridge exhibit was mind blowing. I’d never heard of him before, but I was really impressed with the body of his work. But everything I saw at this museum was incredible.
  3. Discovered rooms at the Met that I’ve never seen- love when I find things that are new and amazing
  4. I went to the Botanic Garden when it was drizzling. It’s always interesting to see flowers and plants when it’s overcast- the oral history that accompanies some of the plants is really interesting
  5. You notice that my picture of Yankee Stadium is through the window at the Subway station- that’s because we got off the subway to find out the game was cancelled because of incoming storms
  6. I did see my beloved Mets fall to the Phillies- insert sad face
  7. Went for Japanese food- they serve what is known as a “Set”- ridiculous amount of food- had Katsu Ju which is a fried pork cutlet served in an egg custard over dashi simmered rice. So. Good.
  8. Rita Moreno doc was very average considering it was about the incredible Rita Moreno
  9. Love is love