One Rule

I came across this quote:

There’s only one rule. Follow the line of your own desires.”

Malcolm Bradberry

While I think that this has merit, I have problems with some of the intent. Should you always follow your path? What if a parent really wants to leave their family and join the circus. Do they really just wake up in the middle of the night, fill their bandana with worldly possessions, toss it on a stick, flip it on their back and just jump on the next freight train to the town with the tightrope and three rings?

Or do responsibly think about all the people that your life intersects with?

What is the line between personal growth and personal responsibility?

In my mind I want to tell people to “Go For It”…but there’s also this little part of me that thinks- “well…maybe you have to think how that’s going to effect __________. I guess much of my thinking would be persons who have others depend on them: If a single. childless 20 year old wants to move someplace and make woven belts, I’d be pushing them out the door with an order for a belt. If my best friend mother of three who brings in income and also helps out her parents decided to go weave belts, I’d probably sit them down and talk to them… I know it might not be fair, but when is life fair?

So, what do you think about this quote?

Do we follow our desires without regard? Or do we weigh all the exponents?