Butt, I’m just trying to help…

Imagine a person is coming into the city from the suburbs.

They get to the train station in the city and need to use the rest room.

In the rest room they happen upon a woman who appears homeless. The person is washing their face in the rest room sink. The presumed homeless person is with a child.

Suburban woman exits rest room and tells a station police officer that there is an apparent homeless person in the bathroom with a child.

Suburban woman’s 23 year old son is with her. He becomes mad at his mother for saying something to police. Her response is that when a child is involved she needs to say something.

If you were any of the players in this little drama, what would you do?

Now, because I know that people are going to make assumptions about the woman, in this example, let’s say that the suburban woman is a pussy hat, liberal flag waving sort- this is the person who would burn a MAGA hat if she saw one, and most likely the person in the hat. Son wears the same hat and flag of his Mother.

Does the above fact change your mind or your opinion about anything?

Tell me anything you want about the above scenario:

Want to Play a Game?

I recently read a book, Send for Me, by Lauren Fox. This is about Jews during WWII both in Germany and America. I thought is was well written and interesting.

There was one quote early on in the book that sort of stopped my in my tracks:

Germans! Defend Yourselves! Do not buy from Jews

Lauren Fox, Send for Me

Ready for the game?

_____________! Defend yourselves! Do not buy from _____________.

I have installed a wheel here, with some other words. I’m going to spin the wheel and get some words to fill in these blanks…

clickclclclick clickclick click cl ick c l i c k c c c

First word:


Americans! defend yourselves. Do not buy from _____________

I’ll dispense the with the sound effects….

Second word:


Americans! defend yourselves. Do not buy from Republicans

One more spin:

Americans! Defend yourselves! Do not buy from Democrats

See what a fun game!

Here are the rules if you want to play at home:

  1. You are not allowed to use the word racist, homophobe, pedophile or anything that the REASONABLE person would agree is a bad thing
  2. You are not allowed to use special interests. I understand that someone with a special interest might say it’s important, for this version of the game we will say that there are too many sides to each of these issues and is we started to go down this road, we would never buy anything from anyone- (true story- there is an indie bookstore in NYC that was in danger of closing so a cry began to save it. Then people started complaining that the owner of the bookstore owns stock in Amazon so she is apparently anti small local business, so a counter argument rang out that no one should shop at the store and it should close- seriously- this is really happening, so you understand my rule)


Did you find any good words to substitute on your home wheel?

How many wins do we have if we play the substitution game?

X or O…

You start…