What Inspired Me: September 5

  1. The cows are back! This year the cows will be auctioned off with the money going to God’s Love we Deliver- a meal service for those who are homebound. I volunteer for this organization, so hoping they raise lots of funds
  2. Reminder to be kind…what is kindness to you?
  3. What do I love about French film? Everything…but really it’s the understatement…the only issue is I went to see them by myself, and really wanted to discuss the nuances with someone- especially Who You Think I Am- which I have a lot of thoughts and questions
  4. Pre-Covid I had a list of restaurants/food that I wanted to try. Needless to say I threw out that list last year. However, I recently started a new list. The first thing I am tackling is a best pizza article- FYI- the slice at Zazzy’s (village location) was outstanding- at the top of my best pizza in NYC list for a NY slice

Don’t Build it so they won’t come

The Vessel

A few years ago, The Vessel was installed at Hudson Yards. The vessel is a structure with multiple sets of stairs that visitors are encouraged to climb. It is considered to be “interactive artwork”.


The Vessel opened on March 15, 2019.

Since it opened, three people have committed suicide by jumping off the structure.

As of late January 2021, The Vessel is closed to the public.

Was it irresponsible to build a piece of interactive artwork that people could possibly use to jump from?

The artwork is 150 feet high. While there are railings, there are no safety fences that would stop someone from climbing atop the railings and jumping.

Should we build a structure that has no safety features because gates and fences would be aesthetically displeasing?

What is the line between builder responsibility and user responsibility? When we create something, how much do we consider how it will be used?

Is art exempt from practicality because it is art?

Should The Vessel be permanently closed to the public?

To what lengths do we go to create a view?

I know. I know. So many questions.

I’ve climbed The Vessel twice, once with my Goddaughter and once with my family. It was quite fun to go inside the beehive like structure, go to different vantage points and take pictures of the Hudson, New Jersey and parts of Manhattan. It’s pretty to look at. This weekend we are going to a restaurant which prides itself on its views of The Vessel. I understand why it was created and built. But should more consideration be taken when building what is essentially an attraction?

So give me any and all thoughts on this subject.

Is this something you would like to visit on a trip to NYC? Or is this something that should never have been built?