Gratitude Saturday April 3

As you know, my daughter has been attending college virtually, from her NYC bedroom. You may also know that I have not been thrilled with this arrangement.

Two weeks ago her University sent an email stating that life will resume back at campus in the fall. It may not be the same as before (classes containing over 150 people will continue to be done virtually for the time being), but for the most part, my daughter can attempt to get the college experience that she signed up for…

I am grateful that maybe things can get back to normal…

Here’s hoping that my Husband will soon return to the office

Gratitude Saturday

Where do I start?

Grateful that the snafu between the emergency room and the vestibular rehab center was resolved. Had my first VT on Wednesday. Therapy was great, but therapist not sure if I actually have BPPV. Need to now see an ENT to find cause of crystal issue.

Grateful that New York state increased COVID eligibility requirements to 50+ and I got my vaccination on Thursday!

Carry on!

Gratitude Saturday March 13

Two weeks ago my Father was able to get his first vaccine shot. Pfizer.

Yesterday my Husband was able to get his first vaccine shot. Moderna.

I am grateful to all those who have worked incredibly hard over the past year to come up with vaccines.

I am grateful to all those who chose to participate in drug trials.

I am grateful to all those who have assisted in distributing the vaccine.

I am grateful to all the people staffing the vaccine centers.

I am also grateful that my husband has asthma.

I am grateful that we are all on our way to some sort of normal.

Hoping for podcast recording soon!

Gratitude Saturday

Late morning Tuesday I went to work on something on my computer. When I opened my laptop I could not find the cursor…

I am not the most tech savvy person in the world. I pretty much know how to turn on a computer and find the internet, so things like lost cursors haunt me. I researched it for a bit, tried the old reboot method and nothing.

So I got on my ipad and started a chat with ASUS…

I was on with the tech for about an hour- they had me trying everything. Go into this drive and that window and blah blah blah. They kept saying “Did you try F9?” They kept asking me to install a mouse which I kept insisting that I DID NOT HAVE…

The tech appeared stymied.

At some point I got disconnected from tech chat…

I just started randomly trying things…


The key that I needed to hit was F6…

F6 and F9 are not the same…

I am grateful that I realize that sometimes there is a correct answer…

and I’m grateful that I got my cursor back…

FYI- you can now find me on spotify…

Gratitude and Calm June 8

The jackhammering in my building continues in earnest…I went to Target yesterday and forgot to buy the milk that I went there to buy (and I had a list….) Federer lost… I got three calls from, I believe, Azerbaijan in the middle of the night therefore screwing up any chance of a good sleep…

But on the bright side:


I am eternally grateful to my Daughter’s friends and her high school classmates. In NYC there is a tradition called “bedding”. Your friends come over to your house and put snacks the color of your college (my daughters college is blue and grey so she got oreos, graham crackers, pretzel m&m’s, and I don’t remember what other blue wrapping) and they make a cake or cupcakes with the school colors, and put all your merch out, and balloons….it’s really cute. And to see them hiding in her room waiting for her  to come home from her babysitting job….yelling surprise….and to hear nine girls laughing and giggling….I will miss these groups of kids hanging out in my house.

She also got her yearbook yesterday and kids started to sign. Last night we read through, and I couldn’t help buy tear up a little reading all the sweet things these kids had to say about her, seeing her through there eyes….grateful that she had a relatively charmed high school experience…


I had something on my mind for awhile. I wrote it out. I feel better. Sometimes it’s that simple.

Gratitude and Calm June 1

In a nutshell, the week that was: they started doing work on the garage attached to our building. Jackhammering five hours a day. Good times. It’s like a continual mini earthquake. Maybe we should charge people, like a ride. Two of my friends lost pets, one a dog younger than mine, a dog that the family got because they saw our dog and just knew they were meant to be dog owners. My daughter did win a small scholarship, so money in a plus!!

Gratitude: I am grateful I bought a full 2019 planner. I had thoughts of winging it this month, as my old planner ended yesterday and the new planners all start in July, but as June 2019 sets out to be the busiest month in recorded history, I need space to plan and deliberate.

Calm: I have had a pretty easy ride with my teen. But of course, with college on the horizon, she is beginning to feel that dreaded push/pull of adult v child. Yesterday she was in a &*^%& mood, and I took 3(or perhaps 300) deep breaths and reminded myself that in a few months she will be gone, and I didn’t get baited by the sarcastic and arrogant hooks she was flailing about.


Gratitude and Calm 5/25

Lots to bother me this week….including an hour and a half with spotify because my account got hacked….really…spotify…. but also lots of good:

My Daughter received two writing awards this week. Obviously grateful for that, but also grateful that even though awards were presented at two separate ceremonies on the same day, they were at different times and we were able to make both.

My calming moment was sleeping in a little longer when I had a sinus headache. Sometimes you take the medicine and lie back down for a bit. Calming instead of rushing.

Gratitude Saturday May 18

This has been a busy, yet wonderful, couple of weeks.

I am most grateful for pineapple. I recently read that pineapple has some property that helps relieve you of sinus congestion. So as I had a stuffy nose and post nasal drip thing going on, I went out and got pineapple (which happened to be super delicious) and I felt a little better. Not sure of the science behind it, but it was tasty. Obviously, also grateful to growers pf pineapple and those who are able to deliver it to my not so tropical locale.

The most calming thing I did this week was to leave my house fifteen minutes early so I could get to a park and read outside on a beautiful day before I had an appointment. Fifteen minutes was just enough time for me not to feel rushed leaving, yet still give me a little time in the sun.

Gratitude Saturday: The Post Birthday Addition


Enough said about the new age and the first day of my 56th year…’s what I’m grateful for:

  1. Thank you to all my friends and family for the lovely birthday wishes!!!
  2. Thanks to my daughter who took time out from AP studying to write my blog and go out to dinner
  3. Spicy Penang Curry from my fave Thai place- Jaiya
  4. Mille Crepe cake from Lady M. Best. Cake. Ever.
  5. My new hydroponic garden. In 5-7 days I’ll have basil, thyme, dill and mint.
  6. Getting to celebrate my Dad’s birthday with him last Sunday
  7. Getting to see my friend K, recovering from brain surgery and looking great!!
  8. My Daughter’s best friend got into her first choice college on appeal!!!
  9. Two years blogging!

In all, it’s been a great week, and was a great year!!

Gratitude Saturday

Been stupidly distracted the past few weeks so my weekend posts have been forgotten…

But today, I must talk about my huge gratitude for the week.

My wonderful writing friend K had a brain tumor. I say had because it was successfully removed this week. Though she is still in pain she is recovering well and the Doctor is pleased with the results.

This was a good week.