Gratitude and Such: 3/26/22

Last weekend the daughter of one of my besties got married. It was the highlight of the decade by far…

My dog sitter bailed on me. At zero hour, the daughter of my other bestie said she would Betty sit.

I am grateful to have been invited to a day filled with love and laughter and friendship.

I am grateful for the kindness of friends.

I am grateful for having two of the best friends in the world!

If you need a prompt for mindfulness or journaling:


See Nature

The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate Oprah Winfrey

The discipline of writing something down is the first step toward making it happen Lee Iacocca

Gratitude and Such: 3/5/22

My cat hurled up a hair ball on my comforter. Which means I had to wash my comforter. Which means I needed the large washer in the laundry room. Alas, the company that services our laundry room has been less than available, so instead of two large machines, we are down to one.

Of course, when I went down to the laundry room I saw someone at the one working large machine. I didn’t have my glasses on so I couldn’t tell if she was putting laundry in or taking out- so I asked her… she was about to start…

I sighed.

She pointed out an empty machine, but I told her the whole cat hair ball comforter story…

She said- “Oh- I just have clothes- I can use the smaller machine” and she proceeded to take out her clothes so I could use the big washer.

I am grateful for what I can only say was an act of kindness…an act of generosity done with no expectation of getting anything in return…

I’d like to think I would do the same thing for someone in that situation.

If you need some mindfulness or journaling prompts:


Know your senses

Two kinds of gratitude: The sudden kind we feel for what we take: the larger kind we feel for what we give. Edwin Arlington Robinson

Laughter is a powerful way to tap positive emotions. Norman Cousins

Gratitude Saturday- 2/12/22

Different seasons typically introduce different weather. Brisk fall leads to cold winter. I remember those first days that dipped into the twenties. Brrrr. But then magically, after a few weeks of temps in the high 20’s low 30’s, one day you go out and its 25 degrees and you remark- Ok- not too bad today. Your body has acclimated to the colder temps. And then you have a 40 degree day and you go out in a thermal fleece, because its practically tropical…

I am grateful for our bodies- how they adapt to what we need them to adapt to. It’s a beautiful thing.

I am going to incorporate some mindfulness along with gratitude on my Saturdays. I’m not really a spiritual person, but I have found that little bits of solitude and reflection can help my mind.

If you need a word to focus on, let this week be: RESPECT

If you need a phrase, let it be: LOOK EVEN CLOSER

If you need a quote: One can appreciate and celebrate each moment- there’s nothing more sacred. There’s nothing more vast or absolute. In fact, there’s nothing more! Pema Chodron

The things that divide us are far less important than those that connect us. Rachel Naomi Remen

Gratitude Saturday: November 6

Sometime last week, I reached 5,000 followers!

I am grateful to all those who have chosen to hit FOLLOW on their screens!

I am most grateful to the fifty or to people who comment every day, because those are the people who make me look forward to sitting at my laptop each morning!

I know that sometimes my blogs make people mad- to be fair, sometimes I do that on purpose (Sometimes- Sometimes people just get mad no matter what I write…). There’s a lot of hypocrisy going on around us, and sometimes I don’t know how much we see what we are doing. Sometimes there are things right in front of our noses, and we miss it. This includes me. I try everyday to take off my black suede pumas and put on a pair of cowboy boots, or docs, red patent heels or maybe some crocs and take a walk, just to see how different something feels. Sometimes I will write a post from the opposite viewpoint of how I really feel, just to try it on for size. Ever try to spin positive something you think is a negative? Try it. I promise you it won’t hurt…but just might make you think. If thinking outside the box is your goal, anyway… If thinking the same way about everything everyday is your thing, than have at it… Everyone has the right to their own opinion, and to keep that opinion every day of their life.

We have to watch our own egos. Trust me…it may not always seem like it, but I really do try to hold my ego in check. As stated…sometimes I want to shock you into thinking or feeling or doing. But remember- when I use a story as an example of something, that story is true. Maybe my writing might bring out a nugget of something, but I tell you what I see in front of me, what I learned, and how it made me feel. I just might do it backwards, or flip it upside down, but you get it. The story is true, the way I write it is probably to prove a point. The exception to this was my one week experiment which I really had no idea what I was doing but knew I had to try it out. FYI- it shook up something in my brain and now I am writing fiction based on an idea I got from that. And I really like it so far. That’s why you need to think and try new things and did I mention think outside the box?

Ok- speaking of things I did not know what I was doing, I thought that this would be a quick one graph post saying thank you. But why write one graph when you can write a really long post?

I am grateful for all of those who follow, who like, who comment, and even those who don’t like. You are all valuable to me as a blogger and as a person.

Thank you.

PS- looking for alternate word for sometimes- suggestions?

Gratitude Saturday July 10

You may or may not know that NYC is getting pelted by Tropical Storm Elsa weather- which means some ridiculous rain….

Last night we went to dinner with friends. The place was about a mile away and my original intention was that we would walk home. We stayed out a little later than I thought and I was tired so I told my Husband that I wanted to get a cab.


We walked a few steps and we happened to see a cab so we jumped in.

About ten seconds after the cab started, buckets, and I mean buckets of rain poured from the sky…

I am so grateful that we found a cab right before the skies opened up!!!!!

Heavy rain and lightening much better seen through window of dry cab as opposed to being doused in it…

Inspiration Begins Here…

I have a thing for upbeat self help books.

Sometimes they’re about organizing, sometimes about making my life cozier, or sometimes just how to see the good in every situation. I realize that not everyone likes or appreciates these sorts of books, but in a world where you can accidentally drop a piece of your dog’s poop into your purse (true story), I need a cheerleader. My personal cheer section comes in the form of these books.

One such book that I read in “The Lemonade Life” by Zack Friedman. And one section of the book that I found interesting/helpful focused on the Seven Wonders. Now, while the author did talk about the Seven Wonders of the World, what the author refers to in the book is YOUR personal seven wonders…

What are the things that inspire you?

I recently changed the name of my Sunday posts to “What Inspired me This Week”. I began to think about the things in my world that make me get out of bed in the morning, the things that make my heart race, the things that make my life worth living. It’s another form of gratitude to acknowledge that there are things in your life that make you happy…

I present you my Seven Wonders- the things that inspire me:

  1. Art- street art, old masters, my daughters school work framed on my wall- doesn’t matter. I love to look at sculptures, paintings, installations…whatever. If it falls under the category of art I’m in
  2. Music-All music inspires me- just depends on my mood. My playlist is eclectic….classical, jazz, hip hop, ROCK…if it has a beat of some sort, I’ll listen to it
  3. Food– I love to try food that is different and new to me. If I go out to eat I try to find food that I’ve never eaten or can’t/won’t try at home
  4. Flowers– can’t grow them but love to look at them. I could sit at the Botanic Garden and just look at the blooms
  5. The Written Word– come on- you know I love to read. As evidenced from this post, I get inspired by what I read in books- all books. I have rarely found a book that doesn’t move me
  6. Walking– I love to take walks- I love to stumble upon things I’ve never seen. I love to just move my legs, no real destination in mind. It’s about the journey
  7. Planner– when I look at my planner I feel hopeful. I can look at yesterday and appreciate the memories of what I did. I can look at today and see the things that I did to move my life along, and I can look at tomorrow and tomorrow and see what life has in store for me. And also, that a blank page is a page filled with possibility…

What are the things that inspire you?

What makes you, YOU?

Gratitude Saturday June 19

My daughter and her roommates got the room they wanted (Six girls- they got the room with two bathrooms- can you imagine six girls and one bathroom?)

I am grateful that she got the housing that she wanted!

My daughter also got into a specific class, because she really wanted to learn from a specific professor. Turns out this Professor won a Pulitzer last week. I take back everything I wrote about book award winners…

I am grateful that my daughter might actually get to experience college that way that she always dreamed of.

Gratitude Saturday June 12

The other day the Doctor’s office called to reschedule my appointment. I said to the scheduler, “let me check my calendar.”

I’m grateful that I once again have a calendar that needs checking.

I’m grateful that the little boxes in my planner are no longer a home for stickers, but contain actual things to do and places to go and people to see

I’m grateful that my tea society meets in person today

I’m grateful that I saw live music yesterday

I’m grateful for life

Gratitude Saturday May 1

I was walking the dog the other day. We were going to the Farmer’s Market. On the way there, we saw someone on a non motorized scooter get hit by a van.

Here’s the thing about your senses: when you see someone get hit, the scene at first seems surreal to your eyes. Yet, the sound of the accident jolts you into reality. Your first split second thought of NO correlates with the sound of YES.

So I dialed 911 to report the accident- (full disclosure- a plains clothes police officer identified himself as he also witnessed the accident except from the other side of the street- he immediately took to checking on the person injured as he saved the scene as best as possible to determine what actually happened)

This was the third time that I dialed 911 in the past few months. One time the traffic light had gone out at the very heavily trafficked intersection near my house, and the other was my infamous ER visit.


  1. I am grateful that the person involved in the accident did not appear seriously injured
  2. I am grateful for all the people who work at 911 call centers
  3. I am grateful to all the people who respond to emergency calls/situation
  4. I am also grateful that I was not walking faster down the street