I’m Ready for my Close up

I recently got new glasses-

When you pick up glasses from the optometrist, they always make you try them on to make sure they fit properly and that the lenses are where they are supposed to be. As I was testing them out, they had a magnifying mirror that I was supposed to look into.

Did you ever really look at your eyes and eye area close up?

I had bought a very inexpensive eye shadow to wear during COVID as I was not wearing make up every day. It seemed fine when I paid 2.99 for it…

Until I really really really looked at my eye area.

While I was supposed to be checking my glasses out to make sure I could, you know, see…

All I could concentrate on was the little glistening mica crystals that seemed to form right under my eye. It looked ridiculous zoomed in about 15x normal rate….I mean, was this how I was walking around the past nine months?


My undereye area looked like it had been caught in a glittery dust storm…my eye shadow managed to be everywhere but my eye lid and I hadn’t noticed…

While I realized that my eye shadow game was a clear disaster, I realized something else.

My mascara- amazing. Caught almost every lash.

But the crowning jewel was my eye liner. It was literally and figuratively on point. I mean, the line I drew across my lashline was perfect. Both eyes looked exactly the same liner wise… I didn’t know that eye liner perfection existed…

It was so good to figure out my make up game. I mean is there anything more important than perfecting eye liner?

Oh, BTW…

The glasses are fine too

I Can See Clearly Now

As many of you know, I needed to put my contacts in storage a few weeks ago due to a sinus infection.  I was not really happy about this- I’m a contact girl since 1980, but you do what you have to.  After a few weeks on the other side, here are some random observations:

  1. I can see distance more clearly now.  After progressive lenses I got used to not seeing things in crisp detail- it’s a whole new world
  2. I can lift my glasses and read.  Amazing.
  3. I can not wear my glasses to exercise, they slide down my nose.  This is OK when I’m on the elliptical or spin class, not so great if I am doing a weights class and I need to see what the instructor is doing
  4. Glasses get filthy.  I must clean my lenses about a thousand times a day
  5. I am having trouble adjusting to glasses when I am using the viewfinder on my camera- I feel too far away
  6. When I’m home I take my glasses off sometimes- I can see well enough that I can get around my house.  The problem is, when I actually need them, I often don’t know where I left them and I can’t see around the rooms well enough to distinguish where they are.  From a distance it could be pencils or glasses.  I need to come up with a designated glasses spot
  7. When I went to look at new glasses, I found it hard to see if I look good in them, because I couldn’t really distinguish if the glasses looked “right”.  I enlisted the help of every person in the store.  They were very helpful.
  8. I need to buy a makeup mirror that can be positioned right in front of me.  It’s is impossible to put on eye liner when the mirror is a foot away and you can’t see.
  9. I can’t wear my glasses when cooking, they tend to fog up.
  10. Glasses hide my under eye bags.  HUGE PLUS
  11. I look very scholarly when I take my glasses off in order to make a point.  Makes me feel smart
  12. I am still going to go to contacts when I play tennis.  bad enough my daughter beats me when I can see-


On other housekeeping notes- wrote 2000 words yesterday.  Signed up as wakinguponthewrongsideof 50 if you want to keep me honest.  Ellipses/dask support group will probably meet on Tuesdays.


This is going to be an odd post- which is to say anything I normally write falls into the category of “normal”.  First off, I apologize for not reading or posting the past few days.  I have managed to get a sinus infection for has made me light headed and has affected my left eye.  It is red and weepy and just yucky, so I can’t wear my contacts.  It also hurts to read for any length of time, so my Dan Brown, my Sunday Times, blogs and email are not being read.  I will try to catch up when my eye feels a little better.

As stated, I wear contacts.  I started wearing glasses when I was 10, got contacts when I was 16, and I never looked back.  Other than the first six months of my daughters life, I have worn contacts every day for the better part 37 years.

I have issues with glasses.  First, I hate the way they make my nose feel sticky if they’re tight, or how they slide down my nose when they’re loose.  Second, they make me feel more geeky than I normally am.  I know- judging, stereotyping, blah blah blah.  I also hate that they constantly need to be cleaned.  NYC is a dirty, dusty place- I’m constantly wiping them down.  They are also a pain to exercise in.  They are difficult to watch 3D movies with (ok- I rarely watch 3D movies, but still….)


I actually look pretty good in glasses.

I know- right?  Shocker!  They frame my eyes.  They had a little character to my face.  They hide the bags under my eyes.

Yes- I am vain.  I hate the bags under my eyes (which are presently worse due to mentioned sinus condition)  If I were to ever have plastic surgery, it would be to fix my eyes.  I spend very little on beauty products, but I will spend on eye creams, or anything that has the words “will get rid of puffiness in the under eye area.”

How did I not realize that glasses would solve this issue?  I mean, realistically, I should have known that- glasses literally cover your eyes.  Just silly pre-conceived notions about glasses.

And the other thing about glasses?  As I wear progressive contact lenses, I don’t see distance or close up with any accuracy.  Since I have a pair of glasses that is strictly for vision, I can actually see better.  Yes- I see better with glasses!  Who knew?!  And since I can read without anything, if I need to read, I just flip the glasses up!!  Perfect!

So on my to do list, along with taking sinus medicine, is to go to eye place and order prescription sunglasses.   You have no idea how exited I am by this!  And while I’m there, depending on how much money is left in my FSA, I may buy another pair of glasses.