Five Word Friday


As it’s the first Friday of the month, this is the day we choose to tell about our day, month or year by using only five words!! Feel free to go longer if you feel the urge!

Now to my five words:

Five pitcher no-hitter? Cry foul!!

For background- my beloved Mets had a no hitter last week. It was indeed a game where the Phillies had zero hits. However, the Mets used 5 pitchers to accomplish this feat. I just don’t think it’s right to call it a no hitter… We need to find another term.

Five Word Friday- 4/1/23

No fooling here: Welcome to Five Word Friday sponsored by Judith!

On the first Friday of the month we come up with five words that encapsulate your day, week, whatever you want!! Choose to expand upon your five words, or let your five words kind of say it all!!

Feel free to join in by adding to the comments or on your own blog, and please tag Judith!! #fwf

My five words are:

Take care of your body!

While everyone was trying to protect against COVID, they forgot about all the other things that can happen. Book check ups and such today!!

Five Word Friday 2/4/22

Welcome to Five Word Friday! Blogger Judith had the idea to start a monthly post (first Friday of the month) where you describe your day, week, month, year whatever in five words. Feel free to expand upon it if you wish!! In a rare moment of brevity I plan on just doing five words…

Please link to Judith or add your five words in the comments. And don’t forget to tag! #fivewordfriday

My five words for this particular Friday are:

January, I’m glad you’re over.