What Inspired Me: November 28

  • Julia is a fun documentary if you like food, celebrity chefs and Julia
  • Soothr is a Thai restaurant in the East Village, and the feeling is supposed to be one of home and comfort. It totally succeeds. My chicken khao soi was rich and textured and delicious. The cocktails are all named after jewels, and they give the story, but I was so busy looking at all the plates around me that I kinda sorta forgot.
  • French toast filled with marscapone and apples and some candied bacon on the side and yum…
  • Mrs. Doubtfire on Broadway was cute. Cute means wonderful for someone under ten. Which means…don’t bother.
  • I admit that I am normally drawn to the same works of art or antiquities that everyone else is. There are things just universally beautiful or interesting. but occasionally I stumble on something like the shepherd, and its dedication to Pan
  • Gallery 153 at the Met is just a beautifully orchestrated room. It’s one of the galleries that brings me peace. Would be nice if no one else knew about it thought…
  • Gifts From the Fire: American Ceramics from the Collection of Martin Eidelberg Gallery 773 closing 10/16/22
  • I saw Eternals (newest Marvel) in the theater. You will be eternally grateful that I told you to pass this one by.
  • Marks off Madison is by husband’s new favorite neighborhood place. As seen by my delicious French dip sandwich (FYI- that’s a half, and I couldn’t finish that. Portions not only yum, also huge)
  • The Frick has a temporary home on Madison Avenue. They don’t allow you to take pictures, but they did have a postcard of my favorite painting in the collection.
  • Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade Balloon Inflation. What the balloons look like mid inflation. And How do you not love Baby Yoda!!! And Snoopy!

What Inspired Me: October 10

  • We did another city walk this week- The location was the East Village. I love the East Village. I am often in the East Village. The problem with this is that I’ve already seen the majority of things included in this walk, and I know many of the historic facts about this neighborhood. That being said, it was a beautiful sunny day to walk the neighborhood with Betty, and remind myself of the musical associations of this neighborhood…
  • Yellow Rose bills itself as a Texas Restaurant. I can’t validate the authenticity, but I had a delicious Migos Taco and the best buttermilk glazed donut.
  • I was in a Broadway Theater this week! First Time since March the year that shall not be named…Ten minutes after I took a picture of the stage, the great John Lithgow came out and read poems from his new book. And a few hours from now, I will be seeing my first Broadway performance since March 2020…
  • The new exhibit at the Met is Surrealism Beyond Borders. After viewing this exhibit, I have decided that I don’t really care for surrealism. I thought it was funny that the pieces that I was drawn to were, for the most part, works of famous artists. The other thing that intrigued me about the exhibit was how many verbal descriptions lined the walls. It made me wonder if you need to give a lot of background to a work, is it really that good? I can’t help but think of the writing maxim- show don’t tell. I’m going to overthink this a bit and probably blog about it in the future.
  • We are about to begin a burger list- we started at Happiest Hour, which is really a bar with wonderful cocktails, a charming and wonderful bouncer, and a pretty awesome cheeseburger. I got the single, but they also have a double. Imagine a Big Mac but oh so much tastier. The tater tots were pretty good too!
  • Bill Cunningham was an iconic photographer for the NY Times (I don’t really read the Times for the news- I read it for culture and style) He used to ride around and snap pictures of things that caught his eye- mainly stylish people. My fashionista friends used to worry that the day they were in sweats and a pony tail would be the day that they saw Bill cycle by…He had been one of my favorite parts of NYT. However, this poor excuse for an exhibit does not do the memory of Bill Cunningham any good- its awful…
  • To get the awful taste of the awful exhibit out of my palate, I needed to go to Funny Face Bakery- OK- I didn’t get a cookie but I did enjoy looking at the beautiful creations
  • The Wavertree is offering free tours- it was a cargo ship used in the late 1800’s. Fun to see, and did I say free?
  • Cheeseburger Hash Browns are a thing- and they’re delicious…
  • The Rescue is a documentary about the rescue mission of the Thai soccer team caught in a cave- just such an amazing story

What Inspired Me: September 26

  • Banksy exhibit was quite interesting. It’s unauthorized, so I didn’t expect anything to disappear before my eyes, yet I was still sort of hoping… Banksy was the author of the quote in Friday’s blog. It’s not his art per se that is important- it’s his reasoning behind what he chooses to do…
  • Flip Sigi is Philippino fast food- and it’s delicious. The burger has a Longanisa sausage patty on it. Don’t know what it is, but it’s delicious…two words: banana ketchup
  • It was fun to go back to San Gennaro. Our goal is always to find something new at one of the stands- this year a huge, meat filled rice ball. We were not there for the parade or cannoli eating contest.
  • The Relative Value: The Cost of Art in the Northern Renaissance exhibit at the Met is interesting because they explain how things were valued- namely by how many cows it would take to purchase something.
  • I’d never seen Breathless before. Should see for anyone who is interested in film…however….if this was an American classic we would be condemning it as opposed to genuflecting before it. If you are easily offended by sexist behavior, probably not for you to watch…
  • We have completed the Thrillist List of best Pizza- My clear winner is Zazzy’s Pizza. Clearly one of best slices of pizza in NYC- if you ever visit and want a traditional NYC slice- this place should be on your list
  • Dior exhibit amazing!!

Highlights of the Week that Was: April 4