What Inspired Me: 1/23/22

  1. It’s Restaurant week- Yay!! we went to Almond, a wonderful farm to table style place near my house- my three courses were butternut squash soup, steak au poivre, and sticky toffee date cake. Of course, my cider and pear gin flavored cocktail was an outstanding way to start the meal
  2. So I went to the Met, planning on continuing my numerical way through the galleries. Galleries 164 and 165 were closed. Hmmm. So were galleries 166 and 167. Trying to rebound from my disappointment, I went to a special exhibit, which, of course, was closed. Can you feel my OCD like tendencies bubbling to the surface? I pulled up the Met Website and found two exhibits which are ongoing and that I have never seen before. Crossroads was just wonderful- all about cultural interconnectedness. I was amazed to see a Chinese plate depicting the baptism of Christ. Who knew? The African Origin of Civilization is also a small but incredibly well curated exhibit- I loved how they showed similar imagery from two different parts of the continent. So well thought out. These are both must see’s if you ever get to NYC.
  3. I walked home the other day across town on 27th Street- which is not a route I usually take. I passed Dominique Ansel Workshop and there was no line (there’s rarely a time when there is no line at either of his places) so I went in. Really, it’s decision paralysis because everything looks so good. I settled on the pecan sticky thing- my Husband and I shared it and it was yummy- buttery and light and decadent at the same time.
  4. I had a pampering sort of week- hair cut, color, mani, pedi….I needed to take care of myself a little….
  5. WORDLE is my new obsession…FYI- good thing it’s only one word a day…