To What Lengths

Writing is what’s important to me, and anything that helps me do that- or enhances and prolongs and deepens and sometimes intensifies argument and conversation- is worth it to me.” Christopher Hitchens in an interview with Charlie Rose, as quoted in Bibliophile: An Illustrated Miscellany by Jane Mount

So what do you think about this quote?

Would you do anything for your art?

Let me add some background to the above mentioned quote: Rose asked this question after Hitchens was diagnosed with esophageal cancer, when Rose asked if he (Hitchens) regretted his past smoking and drinking.

Does that fact change the way that you look at this quote? Does it change the way you think about what you would do for your art? If you could only produce art while under the influence, would you continue to do it even if it meant risking physical, mental or emotional health, or relationships with others?

What is writing (or whatever it is you do) worth to you?


Anything Can Happen Friday- Writing Clothes

The NY Times recently wrote an article asking writers about what they wore writing. The vast majority said some version of pajamas/sweats/bathrobes. One of the writers asked said that if someone said anything other than pjs/sweats/robes they were lying- because really, you want to be super comfortable when you are writing.

So, I post the question to you:

What do you wear when you’re writing?

For me, it depends on what time I’m writing. If I’m writing on a non gym day, or before I go to the gym, I am most probably in a robe and pajamas (as I am now). Sometimes, I will write in my gym clothes, but really, they’re glorified sweats, and this would be a pre gym thing. This is usually blog writing time, as I tend to blog write first thing, and I always write posts before I do serious writing- my blog is my warm-up.

For actual work in progress writing, I am almost always in sweats or leggings. I’m almost always in an oversized t shirt. Depending on how cold I am, I either wear a zip up hoody, or a bathrobe over the t shirt/leggings thing…

I need to feel comfortable. I want soft fabrics and clothes that drape and don’t cling. I have also been known to literally spill the tea, so I want something that I don’t care if it gets stained. I want an all purpose writing uniform…

But I want to know:

What do you wear when you’re writing? Do you have a lucky shirt? Something soft and comfy? Something that makes you feel scholarly?

It’s your turn: What do you wear for writing?

Five Word Friday


As it’s the first Friday of the month, this is the day we choose to tell about our day, month or year by using only five words!! Feel free to go longer if you feel the urge!

Now to my five words:

Five pitcher no-hitter? Cry foul!!

For background- my beloved Mets had a no hitter last week. It was indeed a game where the Phillies had zero hits. However, the Mets used 5 pitchers to accomplish this feat. I just don’t think it’s right to call it a no hitter… We need to find another term.