One of my friends wrote a wonderful post about the ABC’s of self care. Of course, I saved it to WordPress reader…

insert slapping head emoji

So yet again we have a wordpress/jetpack upgrade tragedy, wherein everything I saved prior to March was lost…

So thank you to whoever inspired me to write this post. Please tell me in comments so I can try to find your post and share it…

But anyway…

Here is my list of the ABC’s of self care

A- Art- looking at art is the soothing to my soul

B- Breathe- seriously, if you’re ever stressed, concentrate on breathing

C- Cooking always relaxes me

D- Dog Walking- Want to get our of your head? Walk an animal for 15 minutes

E- Exercise- no explanation needed

F- Friends- see them, talk to them, text them…

G- Games- fun and makes you think

H- Hydrate

I- Imagine something wonderful

J- Journal

K- Knitting or needlepoint or any kind of crafty work

L- Listen – to music, your best friend, whatever

M- Movies

N- Nap when needed

O- Organize

P- Puzzles- cross, jigsaw- doesn’t matter

Q- Question things- if it doesn’t work don’t do it

R- Reading

S- Skin care

T- Tea – sipping in the afternoon for 15 minutes with a cup of tea is the ultimate luxury

U- Unplug (right after you read my blog though)

V- Volunteer


X- Xray for teeth every two years to try to catch things before they are problems

Y- Yoga

Z- Zeitgeist- design for own manifesto for life and how it should be lived

Your turn! What are your ABC’s of self care?

34 thoughts on “ABC’s of self care

  1. Boy, I needed to read this at the end of a very busy day! My garden relaxes me, a good talk with a neighbor or friend, a short outing to a new place with my husband, a new cafe outing, getting in my grades for classes, and a hug with the pug.

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