Every evening I write down ten things that defined my day. I try to capture the good and the bad, things that I am grateful for, things that I am looking forward to, and what I do that day just for me, I really just write the little details that made that day different from others. I enjoy it and it works for me. Here’s some things pulled from various days over the past week:

  1. Every week there’s always something I have trouble finding at the store- the past two weeks its been tin foil. Was so glad that I actually found some today
  2. I have been taking spinning classes for at least 25 years. If you’ve never seen it, the handle of a spinning bike is sort of W shaped. For 25 years my instructors have focused on keeping our hands at the bottom of the bike or the top outsides. My Friday instructor has us use the middle of the bike. It’s a weird feeling to all of a sudden use a different part of the handlebars.
  3. My friend is the President of a volunteer organization. She recently found out that she received recognition as being outstanding at her commitment and focus to the orgnaization. I often say that the world would be a better place if my friend G was running it. Big congrats to my friend!!
  4. When I go to a restaurant with my Mother in Law, she takes all the packets of Sweet N Low. I just don’t understand this.
  5. Because life has been a bit hectic of late, I had to miss my most recent Zoom book club. Unfortunately, that was the day that the book club was scheduled to have the author of the book speak with us (the author is a friend of someone in the club). I sent an email to the author saying that I was sorry that I couldn’t attend at the last minute, etc. I’m a bit miffed that the author never responded. To be fair, I get that everyone is busy, but just give me a little here
  6. My Mother in Law is in town and staying with us. There’s a lot to unpack here…
  7. My Dad is not up to going out for Mother’s Day so we are bringing in food. I’ve never seen two people (my parents) so delighted in choosing Kentucky Fried Chicken and what pieces they want. Simple things can make you very happy.
  8. Apparently I lip sync to the songs when I am at my spinning class- my instructor said he loves watching my facial expressions during some of the songs. This made me laugh because I didn’t realize that I was doing that

Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character, give him power. Abraham Lincoln

I know there’s only 8….busy week!!!

34 thoughts on “Ten Things: 5/20/23

  1. I agree with you that it is important for an author to reach out and respond. That is one thing I am very good about because it is just part of being gracious and knowing that your readers are important. They chose your book to read over many others. Last night, I brushed up on my emails and old friends. A couple of old friends were happy I published and promised to buy my book. I was happy! And yet I must keep in mind that I finished my novel, mostly for me (a bucket list).

    Love the Kentucky friend chicken story. Little things make us happy. A cup of coffee in NYC in one of those blue cups to let me know where I be. Enjoy your day.

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  2. LOL on the Sweet & Low. I had a box of that in my cupboard for about 20 years. The only person who ever used it was my elderly aunt who could come over once or twice a year. Considering a teaspoon of sugar has only 16 calories, I never really understood the point of it. My aunt passed away a couple of years ago, so I got rid of the box.

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  3. Congrats to your friend for being honored, a wonderful thing to be honored for.
    LOL at the Sweet and Low packets and oh my on her staying with you! I am hoping you hang onto your sanity. πŸ™‚
    Yes, the little things, like KFC, can make us so happy. ❀
    Funny about your lip synching. How often do we do things that we are not aware of? Probably so many times.

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