Hi Mom’s blog!

Alas it has been another 365 days since I last wrote to you and my mother is now one year older. I am sure she has kept you all entertained with whatever content she likes to write about and I thank all of you for becoming new audiences my mother can enthrall with her stories rather than me. 

For the big day, I have decided to make my mother privy to one of the gifts I normally only grant to my friends. As my mother will adamantly tell you, she does not want me to consider her my friend. She prioritizes our mother-daughter relationship and has no intention of being the “cool” mom. Don’t worry – her love of puzzles and being in bed before 9pm ensured she would never be associated with the word “cool” or “fun.” 

Still, what I do for my friends is an act of love and admiration, similar feelings for my mom which I hope to convey in this post today. For my friends’ 21st birthdays, I write them a list of 21 things I like about them. Although my mom is just a little bit older than 21, the sentiment still remains and I consider 21 to be a perfect number for a list of compliments.

So, 21 things I like love about my mom.

  1. I love my mom’s dedication to whatever she pursues: her blog, her exploration of the Met, her book-writing goals. My mom is nothing without a list to check off and I admire her for it everyday.
  2. I am thankful that my mom has been a helping hand, literally and metaphorically, during my four years at college. She reads over my papers, including my 75-page thesis, and whenever she visits, she fluffs my pillows and folds my blanket perfectly.
  3. I love that my mom picks up the phone whenever I call.
  4. I love on said phone calls that she always manages to have something to talk about whether it is a movie she just saw or something interesting at the Farmer’s Market.
  5. I am glad my mom loves our pets as much as I do and it keeps me assured knowing someone is giving them the utmost care when I am away.
  6. I love this one spaghetti dish that my mom makes. Enough said. 
  7. I respect how my mom knows what she likes, and more importantly, what she dislikes and doesn’t steer away from being herself.
  8. I appreciate my mom’s competitive spirit and knowing that I will always have to work tirelessly to beat her in board games. 
  9. I am grateful that my mom drops everything to take care of me when I am sick – and somehow always manages to provide the perfect remedy.
  10. I love that going away to college did nothing to diminish our strong relationship. Phone calls, care packages, text messages with photos and GIFS – all were a reminder of her care.
  11. Similarly, I am appreciative how my mom was always willing to visit me and I could mark “Mom visiting!!” on my calendar each semester. She even came just for the day to see me present my thesis, a real testament to her character. 
  12. My mom also makes the best tea, which while delicious, also makes me angry because I know I’ll never make tea as good as her. 
  13. I love how my mom listens to anything I want to divulge her with, even if I know she cares less. Feel free to ask her all about the Taylor Swift drama – she’s heard it all. 
  14. I am grateful that my mom is always up for whatever NYC adventure I have planned. Over Easter Break, my mom joined me to walk in the “shoes” of NY greats Patti Smith and Joseph Mitchell. A few years ago, we did a tour of the West Village to see the effects of gentrification. No questions asked – my mom was up for the journey. 
  15. I admire my mom’s love of art in all forms. Nearly every week I hear stories about her museum visits, movie-watching, concert attending, gallery-hopping and more. Her love of exploration ignites my curiosity and makes me proud to have her in my circle.
  16. I love my mom’s expanded food palette. Not only does it mean I get great dinners, it means I always can make reservations for two at even the most exotic restaurants in New York.
  17. I also love that my mom has a passion for cooking. She makes homemade bread, pasta, and ice cream. What more can a girl ask for?   
  18. I am glad my mom instilled within me a love of learning. She taught me to read and write and helped me enter school with a smile on my face nearly every day. As I prepare to become a teacher next year, I would be remiss if I did not accredit my first (and best) teacher.
  19. I also am grateful that my mother fueled my inquisitive nature. Besides always asking questions herself, my mom never failed to answer my questions or provide me the outlet to do so. She even became accustomed to answering my stranger or more inappropriate questions – stories that are probably worth another blog post.
  20. I love that everyday I never question whether my mother is thinking of me or if she loves me. The answer is unequivocally yes. Whether it’s little texts she sends throughout the week, liking my Instagram stories, or emailing me articles relevant to something I told her about weeks before on the phone, my mom never fails to show me she cares and I walk with my mom’s love in my front pocket every day. 
  21. Finally, I love that my mom has always encouraged me to be and do my best. She has been there before, during, and after every one of successes and has also been there to pull me back up during my failures. My triumphs are nothing without her repeatedly telling me I am the greatest and if I could give her a piece of my graduation cap I would.

Happy birthday mom. Thank you for everything.



97 thoughts on “Guest Blogger- My Daughter writes my blog- 2023

  1. Happy Birthday LA. And many many more. You are both very fortunate to have each other. Mom did a great job with you. And I would tell mom, read #20 and 21 over and over. Have them framed. They really sum up everything.

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  2. Hey H…and LA! How sweet all of this is…and Happy Birthday, LA! I loved the list…and I feel like #6 is something I’ve almost heard – verbatim – from our dear daughter. 😉 Enjoy all the good things you two! 😘

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  3. Happy birthday LA 🙂 It’s things like this that make it all worthwhile. Actually, strike that, it was always worthwhile, things like this mean you can unashamedly celebrate having something in your eye.

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  4. What a beautiful blog from your daughter! I got choked up reading it. What a special relationship you two have. That alone is a priceless gift. Happy Birthday LA. After reading your daughter’s blog I was left with a big smile and want to say, “Well done, Mom!” So give yourself a pat on the back for being such a nurturing Mama. It’s a beautiful thing to have such a lovely and loving relationship with your daughter. She not only loves you, she respects and looks up to you. What better bday gift could you ask for!?
    Enjoy your birthday, celebrate being fabulous, and embrace how much you are loved! ❤️

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      1. You should be so proud of her and of what a great job you did mothering her and giving her the right dose of love, freedom, instruction, encouragement and enrichment. I say you hit the jackpot and so did she! Bravo!

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  5. I would have to put too many hearts to show how much I love this!!! What a precious, wonderful gift for your daughter to give and it speaks volumes about your relationship with her! ❤❤ Happy Birthday LA! ❤❤
    Annd I am still snickering about the “being that my mom likes puzzles and is in bed by 9pm, rest assured she isn’t “cool” or “fun” 😂😂 But I will add its evident that you are loved! 😊

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  6. Love this – beautifully written so kudos to your wonderful daughter. The brewing a great cup of tea and how it also inspires anger at never being able to match it, the NYC adventures, the competitiveness, the answering of questions – all so amazing.

    But this one caught me by the throat, “I love that everyday I never question whether my mother is thinking of me or if she loves me. The answer is unequivocally yes. Whether it’s little texts she sends throughout the week, liking my Instagram stories, or emailing me articles relevant to something I told her about weeks before on the phone, my mom never fails to show me she cares and I walk with my mom’s love in my front pocket every day. ”

    Whoa….well done and happy birthday, LA!! Wishing you the best for the year to come.

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  7. This is such a beautiful tribute and gift. I have never met you in person, LA, but it speaks volumes that what your daughter wrote matches up with everything I have learned about your character through your blog. My favorite line, so beautifully written with the perfect sentiment, is “I walk with my mom’s love in my front pocket every day.” Happy Birthday, LA!”

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  8. Happy birthday LA and Love your post daughter H! I can feel the mutual love you have for each other, all the way out here in Iowa. You’ll make a great teacher! You have your moms “spark” DM

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  9. Dear H,

    What a blessing you are! That was an exquisite post, underlining the strong bond the two of you have. It was beautifully written from the heart.

    Congratulations on your upcoming graduation. I’m proud of you, and I know you’re going to be a marvelous teacher.

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  10. This brings tears to my eyes………what higher praise and affirmation could you ask for than to have your dear child write these loving things about you…..what a beautiful testament to your “motherhood” LA….and what a beautiful daughter you’ve raised. Happy Birthday and Happy Mother’s Day!!!!

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  11. Happy Belated Birthday LA, I somehow missed this post and I’m so glad I stumbled on it. Your daughter is extraordinary and I love these yearly posts she does in honor of your special mother-daughter relationship and what she adores about you. Loved every word. Hugs, C

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