My parents have been going to the podiatrist for years. Even though my Mom has a real fear of Doctor’s (seriously- she skips mammos and physicals at whim) she has been a faithful podiatry patient- she does not miss an appointment, and I’m pretty sure my parents go every other week.

I also admit that I have occasionally mocked my parents adherence to podiatry. I have always thought of it as an “old person” thing…

I went to a podiatrist about eight years ago- turned out I had planter’s fasciitis. Doc gave me a steroid injection, told me not to wear heels, and I never turned back. Feet were as fine as one can be when they average walking 16,000 steps a day…

But now…


So it pains me to admit that I think I have reached the age where I should have Podiatrist somewhere in my planner.

For the record, I’m blaming COVID. A year of wearing unstructured shoes (ie slippers) has made my feet not quite shoe ready…

I’m having some issues with toes…

And just my feet in general…

Things that never used to bother me are now bothering me…toes rubbing together or protruding where they shouldn’t be, some stiffness and inflexibility…

It appears my feet have gotten old…

The rest of me is fresh as the proverbial daisy, but my feet are betraying my youthful glow…BTW, it’s impossible to radiate youth when you can’t walk comfortably…

I think it is time to put my vanity aside, and consider that my feet might need help, help that requires a visit to the podiatrist…

While I can admit this to myself, I can’t bare the thought of asking my Doctor for a recommendation (the doctor I used before is taking time off for motherhood)

Why am I having trouble admitting that my feet are old?

I know-

I know-

it might be because I don’t want to admit that I am getting older and things on our bodies just change, no matter how much you take care of yourself.

I’m normally OK with change, but this foot thing…


Chin up. Send the email. Make an appointment. Figure out what’s going on with my feet. Get on with life and be on the lookout for the next inevitable change.

57 thoughts on “Bad Foot Forward

  1. I get that! The rest of my body is fine except my right hip. Someone told me if that is the only thing bothering me in my early 60’s, I am fortunate! So, I get on with my exercise and the podiatrist build me special heels as it turns out one of legs is shorter than the others, so I have been walking like this for 40 p+ years which makes sense why I have trouble with the right hip as this is the shorter side. Bu truly the only pain…and it is hard to admit.

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  2. My feet have done the older age spread and I have arthritis in my ankles, oh and some lovely calluses on the big toes… I never wore heals, at least not the high spikey type. I think the highest I ever owned stopped at about 1 inch and I wore them so rarely- once or twice per year. I wonder if being a flats, athletic shoe (because of career) wearing person has made a difference?

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  3. David’s feet have started hurting, too. We decided to try The Good Feet store to see if they good help. Ha! He’s going to the doctor next. It’s hard to be in a decent mood when every step you take is painful! I hope you both get relief soon! Mona

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  4. I went to the Orthopedic Specialist and he recommended a very strong sneaker as I was wearing very soft ones. I found a great pair of fila sneakers and the specialist gave me two inserts (hand crafted) for the height difference, so I put one in my sneakers and if I return to in person teaching, I will insert in one of my other shoes. It does make a difference.

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  5. I love your post title. I feel for you on the feet issue. I love to walk, and so I do everything I can to work around issues as they arise (except go to a podiatrist🤣). I blame my problems on cheap shoes I wore for years when I had my own personal boycott going against anything that involved Chinese leather as they would make prisoners stand in vats of tanning solutions as part of the process of tanning the leathers. Can you imagine what that did to their bodies? They may still do it for all I know, but I gave up when my feet starting giving up and I realized my boycott of one had made absolutely no difference. The Chinese have moved on to organ harvesting anyway which is much more profitable–and horrible. 😱 😞

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    1. I think mine is related to a toe deformity I was born with…my pinky toe laps over the one next to it, and I think it’s now causing issues…but who knows?

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  6. Oh goodness…I can relate. I found out I have a ‘pump bump’, aka ‘Haglund’s deformity’ on the back of one heel that’s a son-of-a-gun, triggering Achilles pain. Like you I never thought I have a need for a podiatrist…but when I was at an appointment with the hubster, I asked for a ‘side opinion’ diagnosis about my weirdo bump and the doc (who’s a friend) chuckled and said, “I don’t suppose you’ve been a hockey player wearing tight fighting skates…so I conclude your love of heels did the damage”. He thought he was being cute, but I wanted to slug him. LOL. Good luck checking out what’s going on with your tootsies…and make sure you provide a full report. xo! 😉

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    1. Thank you! I think it stems from an at birth toe deformity…my pinky toe on my left foot Laos over the tie next to it, and while it’s never been a problem, now it appears it could be starting one

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  7. I love that the rest of you is fresh as proverbial daisies. What a great line! I have feet issues too – but funny thing, I never thought of it as age related until I read this post. I just figured it was because they were taking the brunt of a lot of miles. At 16,000 steps a day (wow!), your feet have earned the elite travel club that comes with frequent flier miles!

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  8. An injection in/on your foot 😖😵‍💫😱 … I’d be out with the thought of a needle/injection. I’m surprised I let myself be given the covid and flu jabs

    Can you think about it as foot pampering ? Maybe a different perspective might help?

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  9. I feel your pain! I’ve been seeing a podiatrist for the past two years. I have a knot of arthritis — some people would call it a bunion, but the doctor insists it’s arthritis. I have gotten a cortisone shot and it helped but the pain close to two years later is coming back. He also made me inserts. Every visit he said he can cut up by foot and get rid of the pain. But the idea of that isn’t appealing.

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  10. It’s crazy how our feet take so much and then we’re surprised when they get fussy on us. I dealt with plantar’s fasciitis and other foot pains. I don’t generally go barefoot anymore and buy good quality shoes. Hubby gives me a weekly foot massage and every couple months I do an elaborate pedicure with massage. No podiatrists, please.

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  11. Just be thankful that your brains and your talent for writing don’t come from your feet! As we age somethings gotta go first and for you, oh well. There are many worse things though. I lost all my hair and at 70 there’s nothing that doesn’t hurt. Aaah. These golden years are not for the weak. Only we tough people get old.

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  12. I’m fighting every ageing thing, even though I used to tease my friends and relatives for doing just that. The ladies in the cafeteria were talking about the toes-curling-in-odd-directions thing; I would see the podiatrist and nip as many of these issues in the bud as I could!

    (Side note: my grandfather was a podiatrist. I had the best foot care of any first-grader I knew!)

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  13. Did you send that email? I get it. I’m 31 years old and my feet are really bad. My big toe is leaning in. I need an operation. The joints are in the wrong pressure point places. I’m supposed to wear silicon slippers. And I have to wear a special thing in my shoes and I can only wear sketchers.

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