Every evening I write down ten things that defined my day. I try to capture the good and the bad, things that I am grateful for, things that I am looking forward to, and what I do that day just for me, I really just write the little details that made that day different from others. I enjoy it and it works for me. Here’s some things pulled from various days over the past week:

  1. As I write on Thursday morning, both my Father and my Father in Law are in the hospital. This is challenging to say the least
  2. I went to Target the other day to pick up paper towels. When I was in the aisle, a woman came up to me and handed me what at first glance appeared to be a tissue. I thought she was offering to let me wipe my hand because when I went to get a pack of PT on the top shelf (because the lower shelves were empty) the paper towels fell on me. Then, I realized that the woman was trying to figure out which thing on the shelves was toilet paper!! I managed to convey which package held the thing she needed.
  3. See that bandwagon over there, the one that says KNICKS? I’m about to jump on it. Go NY GO NY GO
  4. Fisherman sandals- love them, and need to find pair that best fits my wants and needs
  5. Broke my thumb nail far enough down that it really hurts. Tried to keep a bandaid on but it hurt
  6. I was walking the dog the other day and there was a big pile of trash in the middle of the sidewalk. As I was walking west, a toddler and her mother were walking north. The toddler who was doing the half skip half stride that shows they are almost our of toddlerhood, said to her harried Mom- it looks like someone had an ax-see-den, again in the half speech that kids have when they are learning words and phrases. It was so endearing to watch this little one, and in that moment when I had a billion things on my mind, it just gave me hope and faith in life. I also hope the Mom stops to look at her adorable daughter who is so full of wonder and remember that this is what life is about.
  7. I was so frustrated by stuff the other day that I forgot to buy some things that I wanted at Trader Joe’s- I bought the basics but forgot about the fun stuff that you sometimes just “need” in your life
  8. My daughters college brought goats in to do goat yoga with the students- my daughter said it was pure awesome, and I have the pictures to prove it
  9. I am presently reading a book right now that is SO BAD it makes me not want to write because I’m now worried my work in progress is much worse than I think it is
  10. Tried a new class at the gym the other day- you need to pay extra because it’s a small group format and it was great. I had that feeling when your body hurts but in the good way!!

We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing. George Bernard Shaw

43 thoughts on “Ten Things: 4/29/23

    1. Thank you. My dad got out of icu on Thursday and went home yesterday, which is remarkable. Unfortunately my fil went into icu on Thursday. It’s just draining but we are raking it a step at a time

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      1. I hate when characters use dialogue as a message for some past hurt. I guess it is normal but not all writers use it. It just seemed so petty the book I was reading that I felt disgusted but yet at the same time I was happy to support the Indie blogger. Inwardly, I feel like book has some dangling threads and is not perfect but I am happy my publisher saw the potential. I know some of the teachers at the school I took a break with my other job might feel I took a break to finish editing and writing. I can’t think they are mad at me as many teachers leave, take breaks, retire but I know my taking a break put a heavier workload on some. But in the end, I have been working hard most of my life and it is about time to slow down. Thanks for listening!

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  1. I’ve seen pictures of goat yoga. I’m not a yoga person but it does look interesting. When people talk about it, I always want to go back in time and talk with the farmer I worked for as a kid. I can only imagine the crazy reaction he would have to it! 😎😎😎🐐🐐🐐

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  2. Family stuff always seems to hit all at once doesn’t it? Sorry things are hard right now.

    I would not be doing the yoga, only playing with the goats! I had no idea what Fisherman sandals are and OMG- I wore sandals almost exactly like those in the 70’s! We called them T-strap sandals. I even had a pair of white ones with that chunky heel that I wore with a favorite outfit 🙂

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  3. I’ll need to get some Fisherman’s sandals that are orthopedically friendly, but I’m sure there are some out there. At least now I know what to look for. (To my daughter’s dismay, I am fashion challenged.) I’m so sorry for your family’s health issues. I’m praying for them and you. 🙏 One day at a time. 💜

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      1. I was just going to ask this to your reply but I had a sneaky suspicion this might be the case- darn. My feet and legs only tolerate certain specific configurations and styles.

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      2. Mine are Steve Madden and I think they’re called media. I’m probably posting a pic next week because I have a short and not particularly interesting anecdote about buying the shoes that just sets a human nature sort of point

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  4. Remember the book finished might be for you. The husband and I had that talk this morning : I was concerned that if people didn’t like me read my book and were horribly biased to begin with about the book. He told me ‘You finished for you.’ Most first time authors are lucky if they sell 300 books and if someone wants to be critical of me before they read the book because they are mad at something, well then I won because my novel is still going to be available at Barnes & Noble, Books a Million, Amazon, Wal-Mart and not everyone will like it. I do understand. I started a book (kindle) last night and it was so catty with the conversation that I felt like I was reading garbage and I said, “I’m out.” If you are going to criticize people using dialogue and put them down, not my style but I did not sleep well last night. Today was a great day for the husband and I to get out and about before the rain. Hoping your father and father-in-law get better.

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  5. 7….Snz, now at pottery….will soon enter The Peoples Republic Of Evanston Trader Joe’s and get some flowers, a bunch of stuff that I have no idea about, and for me some half moon cookies, Cinna-Dragons candy, and a new item ….a bag of potato-chips they call “classic”…and damned if they ain’t.

    Stop thinking bad thoughts about your WIP.

    Thinking bout your Dads, but more about how two at a the same time is just cosmically unkind to you and yours.

    And bout the unworldly ….KNICKS…bandwagon on….won’t be a long ride.


    1. TJs has cinnamon roll granola I love, and I’m obsessed with their jelly candi because one piece totally covers my cravings. They also have this Italian cheese that’s just yummy, or light Brie. My husband likes their salt and pepper chips. The two dads is just crazy…my husband and I field calls half the day. Luckily my dad came home yesterday, but it’s still a lot!! I know the knicks were lucky, but it will be a fun ride while it lasts

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      1. SNZ gets a Brie, among other cheeses that my pedestrian palate balks at…but she sneaks ’em into the menu plan, I’m sure. Go Knicks…you could do with a fun ride. Hang in there. I’m off to goat yoga.

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  6. I had to look up fishermen sandals. I’ve seen them before! SO CUTE.
    I read above that your father was released from the hospital. I hope he continues to recover. I hope your father-in-law gets better soon.
    Keep writing. We are our harshest critic. 😘💕

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