Book AuthorGenreType of ReadRanking/Goodreads
Killers of a Certain AgeDeanna Raybournfiction/mystery kind of/strong womenBeach read1/3.91
CalypsoDavid Sedarisnon fiction/essaysbeach read2/4.11
Happier Hour: How to Beat Distraction, Expand Your Time, and Focus on What Matters MostCassie Holmesnon fiction/organizing/personal growth/time managementhow to3/3.90
The Sweet Spot Amy Poeppelfiction/light/cute family caperbeach read4/4.02
The Twyford CodeJanice Hallettfiction/mystery/concept book- told in form of phone transcriptionsbeach read5/3.68
The It GirlRuth Warefiction/psych thrillerbeach read6/3.88
Teatime for the FireflyShona Patelfiction/historical/teabeach read7/3.93
The Greatness Mindset: Unlock the Power of Your Mind and Live your Best Life TodayLewis Howesnon fiction/personal growth/manifestpersonal growth8/4.53
Decluttering at the Speed of Light: Winning Your Never Ending Battle with StuffDana K. Whitenon fiction/declutteringhow to9/4.07
How to Keep House while Drowning: A Gentle Approach to cleaning and organizingK.C. Davisnon fiction/neurodivergent/organizing/home managementhow to10/4.35
  1. Killers- I love books about women of a certain age kicking ass. If you’ve ever been made to feel invisible because of your age and sex, this book might help you out. Fun and funny and full of girl power!!
  2. Calypso- I like Sedaris. While some of his essays don’t appeal to me, and there are some subjects he talks about too much, on the whole I find his witty, sarcastic, curmudgeonly charm delightful. Though since seeing him live last year, when I read it I hear his voice in my head. But- some people just don’t like him, so it’s sort of niche. I read this for book club but I don’t think it’s a good book club choice
  3. Happier- I love time management books, and this one fell right into my wheelhouse. With examples from her life, the author gives us simple, practical exercises and concepts that are easy to digest and utilize. The one caveat I see is that if you have no inclination towards time management you might want to throw this book out the window.
  4. Sweet Spot- This is a light, easy to read story centered mainly around three women in NYC. I needed a sweet, fun read and this hit the spot for me. Sometimes you don’t want to think took much. However, if I am going to be, let’s just say pedantic, I did not like the overriding concept of parenthood in this book, nor did I appreciate the take on public school in NYC. But- at base level this book is a perfect time waster if family shenanigans are your thing.
  5. Twyford- This book is told in the form of phone transcriptions- I like concept books like this…this is sort of a mystery and sort of a code book, which I don’t think I completely understood. It’s cute but I don’t know if I can recommend it
  6. It Girl- Underwhelming. This has all the elements of a psych thriller- lots of motive, lots of possible suspects, lots of self doubt- yet I wasn’t overly excited about turning the page to see what came next. I think there are better examples of the genre…
  7. Teatime- follows a woman in India in the 1940’s. While there was some interesting stuff, on the whole this was a stilted read. Some of the descriptions of tea plantations and India were quite evocative, as well as how women were treated then. I read for book club and I think it is an Ok choice if your book club is part of a tea society…
  8. Greatness- This is sort of manifesting on steroids- how to set your mind to something and accomplish it. I wasn’t a fan of this particular book, though there was one chapter that I thought was enlightening and almost worth reading the book. Enjoyment of this book ties into if you are buying what the author is selling
  9. Decluttering- I am always looking to figure out ways to organize, declutter and such, so I’m always on the lookout for books on the subject. This is not about organizing, but really about how to declutter. If you need help with this specific task, this isn’t a bad resource.
  10. This book is catered towards those who identify as neurodivergent, which I didn’t realize at the time I bought it (it was on sale and I’m always looking for household management books) I think if you need to remind yourself to be kind to yourself when it comes to cleaning and organizing, this is a good book. It’s a very gentle and forgiving approach. But it wasn’t for me, though it’s well organized and probably quite helpful
MovieGenreWhere SeenRanking/Rotten Tomatoes-critic/audience
Airbased on a true story/Nike signing Michael JordanTheater- AMC1/92/98
A Thousand and Onedrama/familyTheater- AMC2/97/84
Somewhere in Queensdramady/familyTheater- AMC3/89/91
Dungeons and Dragons: Honor Among Thievesaction/adventureTheater- AMC
Suzumeanimated/coming of age/foreign (Japanese, but I saw it dubbed)Theater- AMC5/95/98
Murder Mystery 2who dun itStream- Netflix6/46/48
  1. Air- I loved this film- just straight up entertainment- a story told in a straight forward yet charming way. Simple but accomplishes its task…the story of how Nike signed Michael Jordan
  2. Thousand- This is a beautifully told tale about a woman and her son, just trying to get by- about family and what it ultimately means. Solid acting performance by Teyana Taylor in a heart wrenching role. This is a very emotional film- lots of feels
  3. Somewhere- Heartfelt movie about a family, and all the dynamics that come with it. Blue collar Italian Americans (directed by Ray Romano) sort of afraid to break tradition. If you come from a big Italian family you will probably enjoy this
  4. D&D- Just a rollicking, fun adventure movie. You need to sort of believe in Dungeons and Dragons, but if you’re willing to suspend belief, it’s a fun ride
  5. Suzume- The animation is the star here- just gorgeous. The story was a little weird for me- I sort of got it but sort of didn’t. That being said, I’m guessing there are legions of people who will like this film.
  6. Murder- I like Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler- but this sequel to their who dun it is more a why dun it- there is nothing redeeming about this movie at all…

14 thoughts on “My Month in Books and Movies- April 2023

  1. Nope, I think this is month 2 for me where we have nothing in common! My reading has been focused on ecology though so there’s that. I saw Super Mario Brothers with the grands- cute and made me feel old as I remember learning to play the game itself from my then 10 yo son. Also a doc about Jimmie and Stevie Ray Vaughn- interesting but I was hoping for more actual music. Just a lot of really old musicians reminiscing who clearly have lived hard lives and still prioritize their guitars.

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  2. D&D…. my wife tells me I’m a loser for good reasons. I played back in the day. Also played a lot of Risk but off topic. Haven’t seen it for fear I will be let down. Murder I enjoyed, I needed a laugh & it delivered (in the beginning). Lets say I am glad I saw it for free.

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