A few months ago, Ally posed Minnie Driver’s existential questions. http://thespectacledbean.com/2023/01/31/encouraged-by-your-interest-i-answer-minnie-drivers-existential-questions/ I thought this would be fun to try!!

When and where were you happiest?

Right here, right now. Things aren’t perfect but I’m where I want to be, doing what I want to do.

What quality do you like least about yourself?

I think that my way of doing things is the best. I think things out, and I don’t think others put the same amount of thought as I do. It is a failing indeed.

What relationship- real or fictionalized- defines love for you?

Elizabeth and Darcy. They were completely aware of each others weaknesses (you know- pride and prejudice). They put each other ahead of their families, and accepted that both of their families were a bit out of control. They loved each other for who they were, not who they wanted them to be.

What would be your last meal?

Cheeseburger and fries. Mille crepe cake. Right after that would be buttered egg noodles with parmesan. Maybe a quesadilla. Strawberry shortcake. Doritos or buttered popcorn. Spicy red curry chicken. In theory- I think I would need a buffet.

What person, place or experience has most altered your life?

My daughter, because becoming a Mother changed the whole game for me. There’s really before I had a baby and after. I can’t help but look at things except through the eyes of a Mom.

What question would you most like answered?

Chicken or egg.

What in your life has grown out of a personal disaster?

This is a tough one because I really haven’t had too many personal disasters. I guess it would be rebounding after divorce. Realizing that I got married for the wrong reasons and staying way too long shaped who I was to become.

49 thoughts on “Existential Questions

  1. I cannot immediately think of my answers to all the questions, although I suspect they will come when I sit at the desk with my fingers on the keyboard. Other stuff going on has meant I’m not in the right frame of mind to go there yet. But I will ❤

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  2. Honesty! You are not a drama queen. I realize that-how has your life grown out of tragedy or maybe you are just very fortunate to not have death enter near you (family) or medical ailments. Here is to life continuing the way you think it should for you. Wishing you the best.

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  3. My last meal would depend upon the season: Spring-roasted asparagus, Summer- Good Humor strawberry shortcake ice cream bars, Fall- apple crisp with a side of pumpkin pie, Winter- roasted root veggies over farro with a bit of pesto and parm on top.

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  4. I love your answers. My last meal would be fresh caught dungeness crab cooked and eaten on the boat. I had that meal for years growing up. Never had anything as good ever again. As for motherhood, that is the most life changing moment in my life too.

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  5. Too many questions for me to remember but I’ll give it a shot
    When was I happiest?
    I agree with you, here and now. No such thing as perfect but at least I know I helped shape where I am.
    Question to be answered?
    Why me? Why was it that I was picked to do whatever I did. Most likely a Higher Power, but still, why?
    My last meal.
    Macaroni. A good Sunday gravy with all the gravy meats and homemade macaroni. Espresso coffee with the best cannoli money can buy.
    A tragedy that shaped me. Partly finding out that I have prostate cancer, very treatable, caused me to deal with my own mortality. But more, the death of my 8 year old godchild really did me in. It’s about three years now and I don’t think I can ever stop missing that child.
    That’s about all I can remember.

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  6. I think my last meal would be a nice juicy steak with a baked potato or a big bowl of ravioli in pesto sauce. Or maybe both. I mean if it was my last meal, who cares if I get so full I’m sick? I am reading Pride and Premeditation, a mystery based on Pride and Prejudice. It’s cute.

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  7. Love this post. Enjoy getting to know you just a little better. My last meal would have to have KFC (extra crispy), a LARGE prime rib/ heavily marbled, @ least an inch thick, still moving on the plate, onion rings, and @ least a pot of Starbucks, french roast coffee (black)..what i like least, is I can be very selfish w/ my time,…love, maybe a little abstract here, but I would say, eagles…they mate for life, and when their chicks are ready, their parents kick them out of the nest (stir the nest as they say) because they have their long term best interest in mind)…I said it may be a little random :-), and finally, I would have to say, w/ you, that I am honestly the happiest I have ever been in my life, right now. There is so much I am thankful for right now. I really have been blessed

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  8. Always fun to read these! I’ll take a stab at one of them:

    What relationship- real or fictionalized- defines love for you?

    No question about it: Sam and Frodo. Not once did Sam ever willingly leave Frodo’s side, and when the weight of the One Ring grew too physically burdensome for Frodo and he collapsed from exhaustion, what did Sam do? Literally carried him on his back so they could complete the quest. Show me a stronger love than that. You can’t.

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