We subscribe to Orpheus Chamber orchestra, so it’s sort of like season tickets to see this group perform. Orpheus performs three times a year at Carnegie Hall, the tickets are reasonably priced and they always give a good show. We have been going for years and we enjoy the experience.

When we subscribe, we just renew our subscription every June. They send the dates and the times and we just show up when we are supposed to. Normally this works out fine…

Of course, this past year there were hiccups:

The first show was the Saturday of a three day weekend- my daughter really wanted me to visit this particular weekend because it was better for her schedule, but I didn’t want to miss something I’d paid for. Of course, the concert also coincided with my beloved Mets being in the playoffs. I ended up being annoyed at the inconvenience of something that I normally enjoy.

The second concert my husband totally forgot about even though it was RIGHT THERE IN HIS CALENDAR. He made and paid for alternate ski plans for that weekend. I was annoyed that he paid for a ski trip without double checking the date with me (we all know that my husband is a chronic double and triple booker) and for not checking the calendar before making the plans. He sheepishly apologized to me, but it’s just little things like that which can really get under your skin. (I went to the show with one of my friends who enjoyed it very much)

Of course, you know there is a problem with the third concert: it falls on the night my daughter graduates. The final concert of the season is always spectacular, so I am sad that I won’t be attending. I gave the tickets to one of my book club friends so I am thrilled that someone who appreciates it will be going.

It’s so funny when something you like, something basically insignificant, causes you grief. While there are times that we can laugh off things, I just felt like the chamber music gods were plotting against me- I was irrationally irked by Orpheus this year…

When I’m frustrated I write about it…after I’m done I feel much better about the situation, no matter how tiresome it can be…

How many times does this happen to you? Do you ever have something small just come back to haunt you? How do you deal with it?


39 thoughts on “Small Things

  1. I get the frustration for sure, especially when you’ve paid for something then can’t use it but I don’t know how to avoid the problem in some situations (maybe not the husband issue though)! I suppose you choose your level of risk and adapt if needed which probably is the only way to guarantee that you have the tickets and hope you can go. I imagine getting last minute tickets is probably nearly impossible.

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  2. I feel for you! I have been there. The times when yes in comparison to the big issues in life it is small, BUT … as you said, it can still be upsetting. I pretty much do what you do, write about it in my journal, or vent to someone to get it out of my system. When it comes back to haunt me I have to tell myself, already dealt with this, move on. Easier said than done, at times.

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  3. Wasn’t Orpheus the character in Greek mythology that was forbidden to look at his love’s face or lose her forever? Perhaps in this case, you can follow suit and remember not to look too closely. 🙂 What a bummer that it happened with all three!

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  4. Oh yes…this: “When I’m frustrated I write about it…after I’m done I feel much better about the situation, no matter how tiresome it can be…” If I’m not writing about it, I’m lamenting to a dear friend…bending their ear…and then once the frustration’s literally outside of myself, I feel EVER so much better. I’m with you, LA. (But I’d still feel frustrated about missing three concerts – even with good reasons!) 😎

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  5. I don’t get bothered by that kind of thing. I accept that all financial decisions have a element of risk included, and I don’t allow them to haunt me. As to what happened with your tickets, we have a saying over here that something like that is Murphy’s Law. Stuff happens, but no-one died or is dying, so – to me – it’s no big deal.

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  6. Your husband deserves some slack here. He is most probably so in love with you, thinking about you and adoring you in his mind that he just can’t think of anything else. That is an affliction that affects most of us husbands. There can be no other explanation. (Husbands gotta stick together)

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  7. It is annoying when things you’re looking forward to — and have paid for — clash with other activities. I think a lot of that happened my daughter’s senior year of college, too.


  8. Yes, I am overbooked with the VA virtually for online coach, yoga, etc and they begin early morning 8 a.m. I was also very busy with some unexpected things including some unexpected editing yesterday when I was out and about at the hairdresser. I had to answer email online and out and I kind of freaked out feeling overbooked. The truth is the class this morning virtually was fantastic and helped me along with the other 15 virtual participants who looked uncomfortable. The small edits I was able to answer simply and send back, so my cries to my husband was over drama. I will most likely sign up again for a few more virtual classes as it helps to exercise, even virtually with others. The instructors were excellent.

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  9. Life is “all about the small stuff,” absolutely. By now, I’ve learned/tried to not get upset about the small stuff (which is, um, just about everything. Thus, I don’t book for concerts, etc way ahead of time. However, last month I bought airplane tickets for my guy and I to visit friends in FL, and at the last minute, he wasn’t feeling well. He ended up not going, and at first I was really upset. But I went my myself, had a terrific time, and he was able to just relax at home. Win/win. Small stuff went out with a whimper. 🙂

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  10. Sometimes it seems the tiniest things can be the most vexing. Nothing earth-shattering or even breaking the bank. Just annoying as all get out. Not sure why this happens, but venting seems to help.

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  11. I’m impressed you remember each of those hiccups several months apart! (After a few months, things sort of blur together for me these days) I just attribute it to COVID fog.

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  12. I feel like often times it’s the small things that get me the most worked up. I’m still not sure why this is, yet time and again, the smallest incident, will send my emotions off balance. I’m working on it, and knowing about it is the first step in creating change. Happy weekend, LA.

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    1. I think it’s because we mentally prepare for big stuff…like we set our minds that we need to get through it…the small stuff is usually unexpected and throws you out of whack…but that’s just spitballing…


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