Seriously- I could have added about 20 more photos because the gardens are spectacular right now!!

I love this section of the Met- I’m like a kid in a candy store!

I went down to DC to see my daughter present her thesis (this isn’t a formal dissertation to prove, but more a piece to fulfill the requirements of her major) But her classroom building was located right next to the “Exorcist Steps” (those familiar with the movie will recognize them) and also the little plaque talking about the area in movies. I forgot to take a pic of the Transformer statues… My Daughter’s presentation was awesome btw…

Interesting special exhibit at the Met

  • Anita’s Gelato- My husband and I split a little gelato- strawberry, berry pavlova (which was my pick) and white chocolate pretzel- so good!!
  • Cobb Salad at Sunflower Cafe- I love a Cobb…
  • Veselka- this was a veggie rueben- which was potato pancakes, with sauerkraut, Ukranian dressing and swiss cheese…

Wangechi Mutu- Intertwined- New Museum- This was a retrospective of Mutu’s works- it was really cool to see the evolution of her style and work. I was most impressed with her sculptures which awed me in both their simplicity and complexity.

Fat Ham is the best thing I’ve seen on Broadway this year- this reinterprets Hamlet for present day and is funny and topical and just a great day at the theater.

My new baby fridge…we’ve cleaned the floor since its delivery and put away all the things that don’t belong on the counter…

Kim asked me about this last week and I kept forgetting to tell her…

32 thoughts on “I Came, I Saw, I Ate

    1. The exhibit was really wonderful. I prefer her more recent work, the large scale sculptures because I like the back story and visual interest, but it was a marvelous retrospective of her work. The museum was really an excellent way to showcase the workโ€ฆit was well curated

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  1. Wow…a feast for the soul on so many levels…continued congrats to your daughter…and thanks for sharing the museum pics and snaps of goodies for the foodies. Yum. All of it! ๐Ÿฅฐ

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      1. You did a good job of focusing on the positive. Those gardens are splendid any time of year, but they outdo themselves in the spring. The paintings in the section you worked on this week are my kind of art. The gelato is to die for! The refrigerator deserves a marching band tribute. It looks great and I bet you appreciate refrigeration in a special way these days.๐Ÿ˜‰

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  2. Thanks! I didn’t know they made copies specifically to have other kinds of copies made. I’d thought it was an underpinning for an unfinished copy. Neat!

    I love the Impressionist paintings! They’re so interesting to see in person. You get all these little blobs of paint that resolve into a perfect little scene. It’s hard to believe the greater art world reviled them when Monet and the other Impressionists first displayed their work.

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    1. Woohoo! What was the presentation about?

      The presentation of the flowers is stunning! What gardens did you visit to get such a wondrous balm to the soul?

      And as I e amines the ice cream more closely (of course I did ๐Ÿ˜‹), I noticed hints of chocolate?

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      1. She examined two mom lead groups to see how they approach the book banning issue. It was really interesting. This is from Brooklyn Botanic Gardenโ€ฆthe tulips are just amazing!! And yesโ€ฆa wee bit of chocolate!

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      2. Her big realizations were that even though the two groups she studied have different agendas, the reason for their activism were exactly the same. She thinks book banning is a placeholder for themโ€ฆ that this is sort of a way to gain exposure, and that these groups could swing elections

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  3. Love the orange flowers best. Congrats again to your daughter. Of course her presentation was awesome. Nice fridge and yes to the yummy food. I’d even try the Ukrainian dish. Happy Sunday.

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  4. I’d say it was an impressive week. Your flower pictures are gorgeous. Yes, I’ve been to that part of the Met when my brother lived in Connecticut. I’d visit and we’d often get to the met by rail. Congrats to your daughter! How fortunate you were to be there.

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