Every evening I write down ten things that defined my day. I try to capture the good and the bad, things that I am grateful for, things that I am looking forward to, and what I do that day just for me, I really just write the little details that made that day different from others. I enjoy it and it works for me. Here’s some things pulled from various days over the past week:

  1. Ramps are in season!!
  2. I did a day trip to DC this week to see my daughter present her thesis. So proud of her and all that she has accomplished!!
  3. When I got to Penn Station at midnight I was thrilled to come outside and get a cab without waiting!
  4. Things with all the parents continue to be challenging. I expect this to be the new normal
  5. The 800 series of galleries at the Met might be my favorites
  6. Fat Ham is best thing I’ve seen on Broadway this year
  7. My Husband is not thrilled with size of our new fridge- I admit I’m trying to figure out how to best reorganize and regroup
  8. My daughter passed all her state required teaching tests- she is thrilled that she doesn’t have to do it again!
  9. It was nice to wake up and be able to make tea with milk without having to pad over to my neighbors
  10. Found out that after a fridge is delivered you are supposed to wait at least eight hours before you plug it in so that the oils and such have a chance to resettle and it helps out the compressor

If you listen, truly listen, to an adversary, you will probably find at least one goal on which you agree. Gloria Steinem

46 thoughts on “Ten Things: 4/22/23

    1. It doesn’t have a butter compartment of deli drawer. I think that will be the toughest thing for me. I don’t know where to store the butter. That being said, maybe I’ll switch to whipped butter…

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  1. Penn Station at midnight! That might be brave alone. I remember coming into the Port Authority from the Catskills years ago and making sure I or my mom and I would arrive early evening. Of course, we would stop by Katz’s in Liberty, NY for black and white sandwich cookies and a cup of coffee en route.

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  2. Congrats to the Kid…whoops young lady….and about 10…we just learned that tidbit of domestic physics as well…. catching a cab in Gotham at midnight by your lonesome….what a badass? and now I have to foud out about Fat Ham.

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  3. Refrigerator challenges understandably took up a good part of your focus this week. I’m so glad you have one again. Congratulations to your daughter on her thesis and on passing the test. Check two things off the list!!! I got to learn about ramps this morning as I knew you couldn’t be talking about getting on and off the freeway or getting a motorcycle on a trailer. 🤣

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  4. I never heard about waiting on a fridge’s oils. Must be something new.
    Congratulations to you and your daughter. Both of you have worked and deserve the best for your efforts. But, never discount your influence on her.
    Your husband is truly a wonderful person. ( a plug from another husband).
    Now, go get yourself a cup of tea…with milk.

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  5. Oils? Why are there oils in a brand new fridge? I think that’s nonsense. I’ve gotten many new fridges and never ever heard that whale of a tale! 😉
    Congratulations on your daughter’s accomplishments! Bravo to her! Well done!

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    1. I googled it after the delivery guy left, and multiple sources said the same thing. Then I asked my building manager and he said maybe not 24 hours but at least 8.


  6. Congrats to your daughter. We have to wait an additional week before the fridge is delivered to my MIL so the landlord is getting her a small one for now. I didn’t know about the waiting thing either.

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    1. How long you should wait is debatable, but it depends on if the fridge was stored/shipped on its side or upright. But it seems you should wait at least four hours to plug in, and additional time before you put food in

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  7. Congrats to your daughter on her thesis and passing her tests!
    That is news to me about waiting 8 hours to plug in a fridge. Hope you can get used to it and your husband grows to like it. 🙂

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