Met Museum- Galleries 810-814- there are some things in these galleries that I like very much!! Also some stuff I didn’t like- but that’s art…

Mets Win!!! Betty in her Easter outfit…

  • Chicken and andouille gumbo – File Gumbo bar- my husband is a huge gumbo fan and this is a fun place
  • Soup dumpling- Nan Xiang Xiao Long Bao- well made dum sum
  • We had some really warm days this week- I always get a Mango Fruit tea from Taiwan Tea to celebrate the first really warm day- this does not usually happen in April
  • Veneiro’s is an old school Italian pastry shop- we got a chocolate fudge/raspberry cake for Easter
  • Frozen yogurt from 40 Carats in Bloomingdales Soho- fyi- they mix the toppings throughout
  • Viennoiseries at Lauderee Soho- So Good!!

Cecily Brown- Death and the Maid- Special exhibit- Met Museum- There was some work here that I liked very much and some that I just didn’t understand. But interesting show…

46 thoughts on “I Came, I Saw, I Ate 4/16/23

      1. I love Degas too, but I had to scurry to Internet search on his sculptures. I can’t imagine his keeping them so private–they are wonderful! As usual, I am all in with your food choices!

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  1. Our tulip fields to the north are in bloom which means festivals abound, and horrible traffic with all the sightseers! They are always beautiful to see though but I’ll stick to the smaller displays in the gardens 🙂

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  2. I like all the art you’re showing here! Is that Ingres’s Odalisque in the Met Gallery? WordPress wouldn’t let me expand the image. The Cecily Brown exhibition has some strange stuff going on, but it’s definitely interesting to look at.

    Betty’s outfit is adorable. I’m assuming she didn’t get her wish

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    1. Alas…the cat is still here!! The European wing is just spectacular and I’m getting to my favorite stuff soon!! I’m double checking but I think that is ingres

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  3. Always enjoy your pictures from the Met, but Sorry, I never enjoy anything about the Mets (Yankee fan here. Diehard. From the Bronx).
    The food pictures are also great and I like hearing about the pastry shop. Betty looks adorable in her outfit too.
    Have a great week. Drink some wine.

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      1. It has something to do with Brooklyn. The old Dodgers never forgave us for all our championships at their expense. But the rivalry was so great. A shame they ever moved. The Giants too. I think that Citifield was built to look like Ebbetts Field.

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  4. Our neighbours have a cockapoo pup. It ate an Easter egg whilst unsupervised and ended up down at the vet – came back with a bag of charcoal and a large bill. Are you keeping well? I am sorry I have been falling down on my reading ltely.

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  5. Betty is adorable! Looks like another fantastic week. I passed on your advice to Kelley to visit the gardens and get tickets in advance. She was grateful for the suggestion. I hope she takes pictures. Hugs, C

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