Brooklyn Botanic Garden

Metropolitan Museum of Art- 955,56,57,58,59

Juan de Pareja Afro-Hispanic Painter- Met special exhibit- I thought this was a well curated and executed exhibit. Really wonderful.

My daughter was home for Easter break. While home she worked on an assignment for her class which is called NY Stories. We went to the Waverly Diner for Patti Smith’s favorite meal, then to Washington Square Park where she hung out, and then to McSorley’s for an exploration of what Joseph Mitchell wrote about in his famous 1940 essay that appeared in the New Yorker

We saw THe Thanksgiving Play on Broadway. While we didn’t love the play, the cast members were super nice and took the time to talk to everyone who waited at the stage door.

46 thoughts on “I Came, I Saw, I Ate…April 9, 2023

  1. Beautiful.

    I’ve been begging the woman who did my post-doc to allow me to apply to College Board for disability reviews… They have conferences in NY and it seems so amazing there! I’ve been in the airports a couple of times, which doesn’t count.

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  2. Food filled week, plus fun with daughter! Next is graduation I suspect? On a side note- I remember participating in college assignments with youngest a few times. Sadly as was an anthro/geology double major I neither saw nor experienced food, just a few really old cemeteries (which actually were fascinating) and got to know sedimentary rock very well 😉

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      1. He comes across…through the screen, anyhow…as charming and genuine. So nice to know you found that to be the case in person and on stage! Oh — and I forgot to mention I’ll ooh and aahh any day over photos from Washington Square Park. 😎

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    1. You and me, both! I’m normally most taken by the food photos (yes, the way to most folks minds is through their stomachs…), but this time it was the spring decorations from Lily’s Victorian: WHOA!!!

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  3. Sorry, can’t look at the food. Still too fascinated by last weeks Potato Chip Salad which I’ve been talking to friends about all week.

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  4. Another fabulous week for the record books. You always do fun and exciting (ok, and delicious) things. It seems like when your daughter is home, however, that all that moves into high gear. I love the artwork that tells a story.

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  5. I’m constantly copying the things you do and sending them to Kelley! You have created a wonderful like in New York. I so admire your energy and enthusiasm for the arts and spectacular cuisine. Hugs, C

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