Brooklyn Botanic Garden

Metropolitan Museum of Art- These are the last of the rooms in the American Wing- they’ve been closed for cleaning, so I was thrilled to get in to see them finally.

Met Galleries 800-804- This is the beginning of 19th and early 20th Century European Paintings and Sculpture. I am looking forward to this very much!!

  1. Potato chip salad at Stretch- I mean it’s potato chips….what could be wrong with this…
  2. Sichuan Wanton Dumplings- Dim Sum Palace- when my husband and I were going to the theater recently, we spied the line at this place, so after some pickleball we came here for lunch. Really good dim sum!!
  3. Souffle Pancake at Momoya Soho- this took 40 minutes to arrive, but boy was it worth it.
  4. The other day Ally Bean wrote about mangos and quirky things in your town- in NYC we have street corner mango sellers…
  5. I just love how Betty posed with the pillow!!

57 thoughts on “I Came, I Saw, I Ate- April 2, 2023

    1. It was so perfect I almost missed taking a pic because I couldn’t believe how that just happened! The pillow was on the floor because I was washing my daughters bedding because she’s home for Easter in a few days, and while I was making the bed the dog just plopped there.


    1. Betty in that pose just killed me it was so cute!!! The painting is Desdemona by Theodore Chasseriau…I wouldn’t be surprised…he has some cool stuff

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    1. This woman wasn’t cutting them on the street…but I love to watch how fast they peel and slice…I still can’t figure out how to do it properly…

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  1. I’m with Deb — the combo of the sweet pic of Betty…plus a potato chip salad? Whoa….and not to take away from the stunning museum pics, which I loved, but a pancake souffle? Yum. Just yum. 🥰

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      1. Oh….now I need to whip up a batch of regular old pancakes…sometime soon…to mimic the mouthwatering your pic prompted. It won’t be the same…but…
        Thanks, LA! 😉🤣😉

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  2. I loved Betty! She is adorable. The dim sum looks good. You have an eye for good foods and you seem pretty flexible in what you’ll try. But mangoes…nothing on God’s earth is sweeter than a good mango. Slurping around the pit is worth the mess.

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