A few months ago my daughter and I were seeing an exhibit at the Met (it was the cubism and trompe l’oeil if you’re interested) and we got to talking about manifestation.

Per Merriam-Webster.com: manifest is readily percieved by the senses and especially by sense of sight.

In common parlance, most people think of it as if you believe it, it will happen for you. Have you seen Field of Dreams?

My daughter is a big believer in manifesting- she does her superwoman pose, visualizes what she wants, and goes for it. While she has clearly failed, she has also clearly succeeded. Her if you build it he will come philosophy has helped her achieve things.

Well, in her mind anyway…

I am opposite of my daughter. I think you work logically, think about what you are doing and just keep trying. No manifesting necessary. I’m more of an if you build it to very specific requirements, maybe it will come, due to a combo of all sorts of things.

There’s really no way to settle this argument, is there? I mean, is there a way to PROVE manifesting?

My daughter had talked about something in class- there’s this “test”- You pick an animal, and within 24 hours you will see a representation of this animal (who says expensive, elite educations aren’t worth it?)

I picked ELEPHANT.

At this point it was about 4:30 pm. This was our last exhibit. I was going to the coat room, going home, fixing my make- up, and heading out to meet my husband at a holiday party. I knew we would be coming home, I would wash up and read, and the next day I would go to the gym and then my daughter and I would be going to look at holiday decorations, dinner and Funny Girl.

I KNEW there would be no way I would see any elephants…

We get to the party given by a ski friend of my Husband’s. I got a drink, dipped a chip in spinach artichoke dip. I looked at the wall and saw his safari photos and said that my daughter had spent a month in South Africa…

You know where I’m going with this…

He had pictures of his African safari on his wall…


I take a snap and send it to my daughter…

She responds- “No Way”.

And I’m just a little astonished by this… I tell this story to some of the people I met at the party…

Next day, my daughter and I set out in late afternoon to see the holiday decorations on Fifth Avenue. We start at Bergdorf Goodman- which has an elephant in one of the holiday displays. We pass FAO Schwartz- elephant in window. Sculpture in street- elephant. We head to restaurant- my daughter says do you want to walk up 51st or 52nd- I say- randomly- 52nd. TWO elephant statues in window of store on 52nd Street..

In total, I think I spotted eight elephant representations by the time we got to Funny Girl- and while I get that the last two were probably past the 24 hour mark-but really- elephants abound…

So now my daughter thinks I’m a super manifester…if there is such a thing, but I guess if you manifest it…

So…does this prove anything?

No…not really…


I can’t really help but wonder…

70 thoughts on “Manifesting

  1. Here’s my thing regarding manifestation- you said elephant and it seemed to happen within hours. I say cure my friend of cancer and while maybe it happens it takes 2 years. Is there a time limit to manifestation and when it doesn’t happen within x amount of time then what is it? Amazing coincidence, prolonged prayers and faith, luck, great care and advanced medicine?? Are we back to the perspective thing again- is manifestation nothing more than how an individual wants to perceive the event to fit their beliefs- whatever those beliefs are? I think you know that I’m going to argue on the logical side…

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      1. I think we can “see” things to suit our needs and I have more confidence in the action of creating a result based on what we wanted to see in a given situation versus actually creating that result simply because of a word or thought…if that makes any sense. Honestly, I’m having a run in with my feelings regarding positivity- framing your life in good thoughts and intentions to create happier, healthier, kinder, patterns and reactions… creating a “better” outcome by thinking it so falls into the same realm right now.

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    1. See…this is where I spin around this issue…did I heighten by awareness. So if manifesting simply magnifying your senses and opening your mind? Though my daughter said, what made me choose one street over the other to walk down? In her mind I made a conscious decision to walk down 52nd not 51st….was that me creating my own destiny as she put it?

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      1. I can’t answer for the street decision, but I do think manifesting heightens awareness and makes you more intentional in decisions regarding what outcome you want. So, in a way, I guess it can work.

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    1. Oddly, I have a cocktail party story for tomorrow… as for any crowd where you walk in knowing one person (I had never met the host or hostess before) you have people that just don’t want to extend themselves at all, so the story fell flat with them…but went over well with the plus one crowd so to speak. I’m actually surprised that you think I’m a manifester…I thought you would lean the other way

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  2. You need to talk to Mark about manifesting 😉

    My take on manifesting is simple. Manifesting is simply telling your brain that you’re focussed on a particular subject. Your brain then knows to alert you to that subject whenever it crops up. Say you’re interested in buying a new car and have given serious thought to whether an XYZ might meet your criteria, you’ll see them everywhere/meet someone who has one so you can ask about their experience. It appears to be magic, but it’s just your brain doing its job.

    Manifesting alone doesn’t “bring” things to you or make them happen. It can only draw your attention to stuff and to opportunities, you still have to – do the work, follow up the opportunity, have the right training and the skill set – to make it happen.

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      1. Thank you 🙂 There’s a lot about manifesting in coaching. And it can be powerful – so long as you do the work too.

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  3. I love this, LA! Maybe it’s the power of suggestion or attention or just another exercise of noticing things like the book examples you give. But perhaps it doesn’t matter what it is if we learn that what we focus on makes a difference in our ability to grab opportunities?

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  4. I believe we CAN manifest positive thinking. Before I got ovarian cancer I would have said I believed in manifestation. But since I am now going on my 4th year as a survivor of the deadliest gynecological cancer there IS , I have to believe that there is something real about a positive attitude. Since my kind of cancer is not yet curable, but due to science it can be treatable for a period of time… then I am convinced that having a positive attitude has lengthened my life. Treatment is often brutal, but since I’m not a person who gives up. I wonder…did I manifest my survival so far? Maybe. I’d like to think so. However , I’m really aware that eventually my body will give out. But, mentally I’m hell bent on hanging on for as long as possible. That’s just how I roll! Lol

    I do think most people can manifest positive energy which can open doors and improve the quality of their lives. No, it can’t cure disease. (Not yet). But smiles, laughter, setting goals is much better than thinking negatively. So it certainly can’t hurt can it? And who knows… maybe, just maybe, magic and fairy dust really does work! 😘😉

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      1. Yes! But I love you daughter’s attitude. I honestly used to think just like her. And I believe that’s a good thing. I wouldn’t discourage her because it will allow her to have the courage to set challenging goals. . If I look back at how many adversities I’ve overcome in my life, I think perhaps I did so because I believed I was capable of overcoming anything that got in my way. If you believe you can accomplish something then you will! (Other than incurable diseases). It will be an asset to her. Essentially, it’s having a positive attitude and believing in one’s self. And that is always empowering.

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  5. Oh I definitely believe in manifestation. That’s why I do my vision boards and full moon stuff. BUT I also believe that you have to put the work in to get what you want as well. Manifestations may just help you get there faster. Cool about the elephants. I hadn’t heard that. I’ll have to pick my animal and see if it happens to me too. Of course if it doesn’t then I’ll be disappointed that I am not a master manifester!

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  6. I don’t think it proves anything. Elephants are popular. They show up on things. Now if you had said “okapi” and there was okapi stuff all over in ordinary places, then I might wonder. But elephant stuff is common, and you were primed to search for it, so you found it

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    1. My daughter said there’s a theory to this…I said what if I said kookaburra instead…she said if you pick something out there, according to the theory…you’re self sabotaging yourself…(fyi…if I was in the room with you I would have snickered over the use of the word theory)

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  7. I tend to be more logical like you and agree with Elizabeth that it’s more awareness than Manifestation, but now you’ve peaked my interest. I have to create my own little study now to see what happens. I’ll think of Elephants or something like that and see how many I see in the next day. Ha, ha. I promise if I think of a million dollars and it actually manifests itself, I promise to share!!! Fun post LA

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  8. Manifesting or focusing? I remember when my daughter was pregnant it seemed as if everywhere I went I met pregnant women. And have you noticed when you buy a new car every second car you see seems to be the same model as yours. Great post LA and much to think about. Thanks

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  9. Next time someone tries the animal gimmick on you go with a snail darter, a pangolin, or snipe. Elephant representations are everywhere! (As you discovered)

    I’m with you. You get what you plan and work for. It has absolutely worked for me with get my book published and promoted. Work, not wishing or visualizing or whatever.

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      1. To be fair, I want her to be curious and open, and by most measures at 21 she’s very successful. But this is an actual theory that they discussed in class, and it wasn’t like a manifestation class at the Y…

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      2. If I remember it correctly, the person who picks something super common probably doesn’t think too far ahead and are ok with the way things are. The person who thinks of something bizarre doesn’t know how to properly prepare to achieve something…they come up with an idea but no execution.

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  10. Manifesting is almost magical, so it seems less likely. Awareness is more logical, so it seems more likely. I’ve had that happen before, where someone talks about something and suddenly I notice it. It probably would have been there anyway, but now I’m more aware. Although, it sure would be nice to manifest things. Right now I’d manifest a decent looking 50-something year old man who doesn’t have baggage from a previous relationship, is committed, loyal, funny, and likes to enjoy life. I’ll let you know if I suddenly run into one. LOL

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  11. haha it proves EVERYTHING, LA!

    This was my point of my story about the #23. Like you, I do think it’s always a combination of things (like probably something psychological, too), but I also think we’re a bit more powerful than we believe 😉

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