New York Botanic Garden Orchid Show

Metropolitan Museum of Art- This is the end of the American Wing- Galleries 765-770. I think you know that Madame X is my favorite painting. I liked the painting in the same gallery that was inspired by Madame X as well. The Met often has artists working in the galleries. The last two pics are from the Ashcan period of artists- I was fortunate to meet a very enthusiastic docent who told me about some of the works in the room.

  1. Stranger Sings is a parody of Stranger Things- this was cute but average at best
  2. Becco is a restaurant in the theater district known for it’s Pasta dinner. For a very reasonable price for NYC, you get unlimited salad or antipasto, and unlimited pasta- they offer three selections of pasta each night (plus an additional veggie option) The pastas on my plate were a beet ravioloi, chitarra with tomato and basil, and a rigatoni with broccoli, garlic and oil. This is a great NYC bargain, but I won’t say it’s th ebest pasta in NYC
  3. Gotham Bar- the book shelves are supposed to look like a map of the village. I thought this was just a cool look and I love anything that has to do with books. Plus the cocktails are delicious.

Brooklyn Botanic Garden- I love spring…

34 thoughts on “I Came, I Saw, I Ate- 3/26/23

  1. I guess you get around by subway or on foot or cat. How do you usually travel in the city? We went to Clearwater Beach to meet up with the stepson, family, grandchildren, etc. They had just gotten off a cruise. The traffic on Sat. 4:00 was horrible. Everyone is moving to the beach. We got there and the ride after dinner was smoother.

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    1. I liked the story of the one with the car. It was was supposed to be my local,park..the decent said it was one of the few that juxtaposed the wealthy with the not…


  2. Madame X painting….what is it about it, that you love? (I did not know of your love for it, you may have written about it before…. I do vaguely remember you mentioning something about wearing black sometimes….is there a connection? That would be awesome to have crossed paths with the docent (I had to look that one up)_ Sounds like a rich visit to the art museum!

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    1. I love her attitude that she doesn’t care what anyone thinks…you can tell she’s her own woman…I love how Sargent captured her… the shading, the dress being off the shoulder. Plus the fact that it was scandalous for it’s time!

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    1. It’s a really cool story…apparently these were modeled after the kids in the artists neighborhood, which was lower income and ethnic at that time. The look of happiness even though the girl only had one roller skate…apparently the artist was very political

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  3. I’m partial to a bar with books, as well as a big city spring. Here in the Windy, spring is always a maybe, especially if one lives near the lake. So looks like ya had a nice weekend. Have a good week.

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