Every evening I write down ten things that defined my day. I try to capture the good and the bad, things that I am grateful for, things that I am looking forward to, and what I do that day just for me, I really just write the little details that made that day different from others. I enjoy it and it works for me. Here’s some things pulled from various days over the past week:

  1. Played pickleball on a particularly windy day over the weekend- OK tried to play pickleball- but had fun anyway
  2. Weather is starting to become springlike. So happy!!
  3. Forgot to get a copy of Betty’s vaccination record for groomer- just frustrating!
  4. Busses were rerouted for a half marathon, but oddly, the bus I needed showed up in a weird location
  5. Speaking of busses- got a free ride because the fare machine was broken
  6. When I went to the farmers market on Saturday they were already out of Evercrisps which are my favorite
  7. My hernia was acting up. I was trying to lay down with water bottle and relax the muscles- I needed to sneeze and I was trying to sneeze gently- so I ended up hurting my back…insert face here…
  8. My friend told me that Martha Stewart does a face mask every morning, so I tried it. It’s a great thing to do in the morning! I Put it on before I shower, then let the steam from shower work. It’s perfect!!
  9. I started receiving graduation related emails this week- I got a little weepy thinking that my daughter is graduating soon!!
  10. Orchid show at Botanical Garden!!

I have just three things to teach: Simplicity, Patience, Compassion. These are your greatest treasures. Lao Tzu

26 thoughts on “Ten Things: 3/25/23

  1. Wow…I remember you guys college touring….even came my way….”Northwestern,” I recall. I lived in Evanston for a couple of years. I love it. But still refer to it as “The Peoples Republic.” When I lived there it was still “dry”. One place to get a drink….a hotel bar. Needless to say, I was there early and often. Time flies…in fact time for my morning mask.

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    1. I really like Evanston. My daughter loved DC though…but yeah…her draft of her thesis is complete, so it’s just some dotting of i’s and crossing if t’s, her capstone is done, it’s just finishing out the semester…we picked her graduation photos yesterday…seeing her in the cap and gown was a bit weepy (as was the price of senior portraits)

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  2. I love this! I’m trying to start a similar practice in which I write down in my journal three good things that happened during the day. Thank you for the inspiration. Good luck on finding your apples next time!

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  3. You’ll have a wonderful time at graduation with your daughter. I had planned a dinner for my son in Santa Barbara and he cancelled on me because he still had three papers to write and turn in!!! My daughter’s did take place, but I had a huge brace and was in pain with a torn ACL.

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  4. Hey LA,
    I’m trying to get back into writing again now that I can half see. I’m really inspired by your post! I’ll work on trying to come up with something using your technique. Congratulations on your daughter’s upcoming graduation! What an exciting time! Mona

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