I often get inspired by the posts of others. They write a great post and I either want to add on to it, or take the style, or whatever. When I see one of these posts I jot down the date and a three word summary of what it’s about.

So for todays post, my planner said “Deb- True Confessions- 11/29”

So there’s my note.

Then I went to “save” in my reader…

I love SAVE- someone writes a great post that I want to refer back to- and you open up SAVE and there it is…

Well, until it isn’t…

Because apparently when we migrated from WordPress to Jetpack, all saves were lost…

Never fear, I know it was Deb…

So I go to Deb’s posts, and I find 11/29 which indeed had a post, but the post had nothing to do with true confessions…

And then I thought about all the Deb’s I know who are bloggers…and there are a lot…

But I assumed I knew who it was…

And I went to my blogs I follow page to find her link…

Which of course isn’t there for some reason…

So I type in the name of her site…and it doesn’t come up…


true confession…

I gave up.

I just didn’t have it in me to find the post and figure out what angle I loved, and write my own spin on it…

But I’m totally blaming Jetpack. Which sucks because I know I have a handful of posts in the pipeline that are based on the blogs of others, that are now lost somewhere…(because you know SAVE is device specific so the things I save on my ipad would not show up on my computer)

Footnote: I was a little peeved that I gave up…so I went back and found the post- which I will write for Friday

49 thoughts on “jetpack woes

  1. My blog is very new, but I am gradually building up a few followers. I have noticed the last day or two that my number of views/visits has dramatically decreased much to my disappointment, and wonder if this is somehow related to jetpack as well.

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  2. I’ve had the JetPack app for a few weeks, but I still use the WordPress app. It keeps saying “moving to JetPack in x days”, and it hasn’t so far. I’m not thrilled with JetPack. It’s ugly, and I don’t see a difference between it and the regular app, except for the little tweaks that make it worse. It’s like they want us to have a slightly worse experience with every iteration

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  3. I only blog on my laptop unless it’s an emergency- like I have to comment on a post when I travel-which I usually don’t do- I’m a read only out of town person. I’ve said many times that I refuse to buy into the demands and changes of WP. I know there are things I can’t do on the laptop, like fiddle around with and manage my followers list anymore, or even follow new blogs so I have to use another means in that situation- a very brief stop on another device. If something has changed over there I likely won’t realize it until another emergency comes up, then I’ll be pissed off.

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  4. Jetpack set up a new account for me. I didn’t want a new account. I wanted the same account. Now nothing seems to be working. I have no problem with upgrades IF they work. But clearly this site doesn’t operate well. And now I lost my former site I think and one site that is invalid. I am at this moment cursing WordPress! 😩

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  5. I found that saving something on one device only stores it there. I’ve found me hunting through my tablet, my phone etc looking for something I’d saved.
    But I agree, I do like the save function.
    Maybe you need to write down the name of the website beside the author … some of you publish in more than one place … such prolific writers you are 🥹

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  6. I couldn’t stand it when WordPress changed from Classic to Blocks. I fought it for as long as I could. I often comment on my iphone, so I’m using Jetpack now. If I don’t, my comments disappear and the screen jumps to the home page. Really annoying. I guess I don’t like change.

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    1. I’m not big on changes either, and I went kicking and screaming from Classic to Block. I thought if I ignored the notices from Jetpack it would go away. Not! So I’m sort of annoyed too, especially that all my saved posts from beloved bloggers have disappeared. Ugg! Hugs, C

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      1. I’m mad because they made us switch, and said it would be seamless. Losing things I saved is not seamless….😆


  7. I read this and then checked my saves and they are gone!!!! Oh my! This is a but traumatic as I know saved a bunch of posts for travel info but can’t remember which bloggers I saved from! Hoping for a fi!

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  8. I can’t even switch to Jetpack. Every time it says switch to Jetpack I click on the link, it goes to the app and when I click on that it says payment has not been made. Surely I’m not expected to pay for this! In any event there’s no way to pay so I will just keep using the WordPress app until such time as the whole thing collapses and I’ll go away and bury my head and regret all the posts that have been

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  9. I have never learned about saving posts, so I don’t have that particular gripe. Bummer when they pull this crap. It’s not just that I don’t like changes, but changes that make things worse are the pits!

    I still use classic editor on my blog, but have been learning block editor o. The new one. Why? It’s still awful and unnecessary.

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  10. I did a big study once on the names of people who read my blog. Maybe before you were around. I’ve always had more Debs or Deborahs reading my blog than any other first name. I’d have thought it’d be Jenns or Jennifer, but not so. And when it comes to men’s names lots of Marks, but no Bobs.

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  11. My first moment of unhappiness with Jetpack was last night. I completed a post with media pictures and all. I made the post and thought everything was OK. I went on about my business of getting ready for bed. I tried posting on my social media to send people to my site, but up comes PAGE NOT FOUND. Wait, what is happening here? I start clicking the link in my bio, and the new post doesn’t show anywhere. I’m stumping off to my site and there it is as a draft, and now where near the completed. What happened, in frustration, I just went to bed.

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