Thierry Mugler- Brooklyn Museum- I love a fashion exhibit and this was spectacular!!

Brooklyn Museum- They always have thought provoking and amazing works on display.

The Met- Galleries 765,766,767,768- Gallery 768 became one of my favorite galleries- I love women as subjects, and I like this art because it is soothing. Love.

Brooklyn Botanic Garden- I had a blah week and I almost didn’t go to the garden this week. Boy, am I glad I changed my mind. I love seeing spring start to form right in front of my eyes…

Central Park is starting to blossom up…

  1. Shepherd’s Pie at Molly’s- my pre St. Patrick’s day treat
  2. Whipped ricotta at Misi in Brooklyn- SO GOOD
  3. Pizza- Serafina to Go
  4. Fresh- seminar on their line of Black Tea infused skin care products
  5. Drunk Shakespeare- Where one cast member has a few shots before the show…
  6. Tea at Patisserie Fouet

48 thoughts on “I Came, I Saw, I Ate 3/19/23

  1. Oh WOW, gorgeous! It’s such a joy to see this capture of Thierry Mugler fashion exhibit, and The Met- Galleries. Thank you for sharing. I love fashion too. With hindsight, I should have followed a career in fashion design… 🙂

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  2. That whipped ricotta? I’ve succumbed to making my own ‘cannoli cream’ (as my Southern neighbors call it) as a solo treat to spread onto whatever one wants instead of filling traditional cannoli tubes. Less hassle and bursting with flavor induced dreams of The Family!

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  3. I think I like the paintings better than the fashions, but that’s a matter of personal tastes. I am a bit jealous of the flowers you have. It’s still brown around here- only a few bits of green here and there and no flowers at all. We had a snowstorm a few days ago.

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  4. Gorgeous exhibits! Thank you for sharing. I need to view them on my iPad rather than my phone to truly enjoy the entire experience ! BTW, I absolutely love the art, but fashion exhibitions are such fun when they come up. Thanks for posting this. I’ve been really sick from last week’s chemo and these beautiful pics made my morning! I am most grateful !

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  5. I loved the fashion exhibit. I’m thrilled I get to see it vicariously through you. I can’t believe all the blossoms. I wanted blossoms in WA when we spread my mom’s ashes into the river but NOTHING was in bloom. We stopped at a grocery store to get them.

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  6. The fashion exhibit looks spectacular. I went to a fashion exhibit at a small local museum in October and it made me want to really hone my sewing skills a lot more!

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  7. Fashion that no one wears. But ya gotta love the creativity, almost everything you posted was incredible to view. This has to be one of my favorites LA

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      1. I think the time change could be responsible. Usually it takes my body a week to adapt. This morning I woke up, however, feeling like it was last Monday all over again 😳. I hope this will be a better week for you.

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