Here’s another installment of the Rob Walker – The Art of Noticing. This chapter is about Looking Up-

What do you see when you take a moment to LOOK UP?

Here’s what my list looked like:

  1. slowly moving clouds
  2. some sheer some thick
  3. deep blue sky
  4. clouds that look like parenthesis
  5. clouds that look like skeletons (too much halloween)
  6. tree branches with only a few leaves hanging on them
  7. the sun bleaching out the sky with its brightness
  8. pine cones
  9. yellow leaves on some trees
  10. weblike pattern the bare branches make
  11. airplanes
  12. birds
  13. what look like antennas on top of building
  14. pointed glass dome of conservatory

What would your list look like?

20 thoughts on “Day 8- Rob Walker- Look Up

  1. Lets see, on my walk yesterday: gorgeous blue skies, only a few puffy clouds, bare tree branches covered in moss and lichens, crows-lots of them, both circling and sitting, 2 robins, starlings trying to nest in our roof, small aircraft circling the town, larger aircraft on their typical routes into and out of the international airport to the north (I am directly under the flight path), dust clouds from all the road construction 500 feet away, flags on poles

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  2. I love how you’ve used the lessons from this book to doΒ this.

    So, in December, I moved my desk from downstairs to my oldest daughter’s old room, and the desk now faces the window to our backyard. I’ve seen more wildlife, changing trees, the sky, and clouds than I ever have before. I take breaks from writing to notice things I never noticed before. It’s lovely.Β 

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  3. Because of an experience while on a date with my future husband, I don’t spend a lot of time looking up. We have a lot of geese flying through my area, and when I hear them coming, I scurry out of the path to avoid receiving yet another gift on my shoulder.πŸ˜‚ But I do like to watch them from a safe location.

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  4. Before I left, I decided to spend 10 minutes looking at something. I sat in a chair lounge and was watching a cloud. I was feeling peaceful and then the phone rang. My lesson is to not bring my phone outside.

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  5. North Carolina blue skies, very few if any, clouds. I see the work that mother nature has put out for us to enjoy. Ducks, geese and bluebirds are all over. Go ahead. I defy anyone to try to convince me this is all by chance, that there is no God.

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