Learning to Paint in Premodern China is an interesting exhibit at the Met- There are some lovely works that I really could have stared at for hours- the delicacy with which these works are done…

Met Galleries 760,61,62,63 and 64. We are starting to get to some of the works that I really wonderful- I loved the last three images, and when peaking into the next galleries I know I am in for a treat…

  • Urban Hawker is an Asian Food Hall that recently opened in midtown Manhattan. I had the Classic Roti John sandwich from Ashes Burnitt pictured on the left, while my daughter had the Stingray Fried Rice from Mr. Fried Rice. The offerings at this food hall show a range of Asian cuisine, and while some stands are better than others, there are many amazing options.
  • Enchilada Suiza’s from Amor Loco in theater district Manhattan. My daughter and I split because the portions are huge at this place, but the food is delicious and somewhat reasonably priced given the location.
  • Parade on Broadway- sad but well done musical based on a historic event- I will talk more about this experience in a future post
  • Big East Basketball Tournement
  • Some Like it Hot on Broadway- Old fashioned singing and dancing Broadway show loosely based on movie of the same name
  • The jigsaw puzzle that was 20×20 and fit perfectly on my coffee table

New York Historical Society is one of my favorite museums in NYC- I think they curate some really interesting exhibits. The Scenes from New York room is one of my daughters favorite places in the city. The Kara Walker exhibit is really thought provoking and well done. The History of the Jewish Deli is just a fun walk thru.

29 thoughts on “I came, I saw, I ate: 3/12/23

  1. My oldest has that puzzle! I remember working on it last Christmas- I think there are many in the series. I think historical museums are the best. Alison and I loved seeing the Women’s History museum the last time I was in Colorado. I love the personal stories they tell.

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    1. I thought of you at the Caro. They’re doing a talk about him in April…and the Chinese painting is so delicate and intricate and yes…hard. The simplest things always are

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  2. Love these shots LA! I always been drawn to the painting of Washington’s Crossing. I do have to laugh though at the large chunks of ice. At least over the past few winters, the Delaware River has looked nothing like that … but hey still an amazing painting!

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      1. I’m LAUGHING!! I got home excited to do a puzzle, thinking they all fit on a table. THEN realized, NOPE, better check sizes from now on. I even found a side table specifically for puzzles now. You know in the Jane Austen movie where they have a side table for card games, etc. That’s what I have now for my puzzle making.

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    1. There used to be a Sri Lankan place here that had the absolute best roti….but this sandwich was insane! The place is supposed to mimic a Singaporean food hall…and it does that well

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