We have a little snow this week in NYC- Brooklyn Botanic Garden

Met Museum- Permanent Collection- Galleries 756-759. I thought the painting about moving day was really cool- May 1 used to be “moving day” in NYC, when everyone’s leases were up- so everyone moved that day. Also thought the work by Perry was pretty cool.

Berenice Abbott’s New York Album- Small, but interesting exhibit. I’m a sucker for old NYC photos. Some of these feature my neighborhood and areas I frequent often.

Virginia Woolf exhibit at the NY Public Library

  • Brooklyn Craft- I took a knitting lesson- fun!!
  • Empire Bakery- they make bakery versions of yodels, twinkies and sno balls. Yum.
  • L’antica Pizzeria da Michele- this pizza is SO GOOD. For any Eat Prey Love fans- this is the Julia Roberts pizza from Naples. They just opened an NYC outlet!!

40 thoughts on “I Came, I Saw, I Ate

  1. Isn’t it neat to see familiar places but from a different time period? To see how much an area has changed and grown? The pizza looks delicious. 😀

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  2. We have a teeny tiny history museum in an old Victorian home here in town. They have digitalized some of their collections. The property is being renovated now, but it’s been fun to look at the photos online for now. My little area was so different in the past. Love knitting- I learned as a kid, learned how to crochet as well but never feel as adept with that as I do knitting.

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  3. My favorite of the paintings is the landscape with the ruins in the foreground. I’m a sucker for that kind of painting.

    How was the Virginia Woolf exhibit? I’m always kind of so-so on her work. I love A Room of One’s Own, but her stream of consciousness works are very much not for me

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    1. The Thomas Cole? He’s my husbands favorite artist…the Woolf was cool…lots of manuscripts with notes and first editions…couldn’t take pics because most was under glass and when you tried to take a pic there were wavy lines…never saw that before. I know what you mean about Woolf…I’m not a fan of soc…

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      1. There is one chain called Grimaldi’s that’s decent. It’s in 11 states including AZ. Our address is Scottsdale, but we’re a 30-minute drive to downtown and restaurants. I haven’t found any great pizza close by.

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      2. Per USA Today, Pomo and craft 64 are some of best pizza in country. I’ve never been but the places they list from nyc are awesome so maybe worth a try

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    1. Though funny story. I really like the shot I took of the droplet on the branch, and I also put it on my insta. My husband was like, what is this and I like your other photos better…😆


  4. I am forever amazed when looking at sculptures such as the one you pictured here. It blows my mind to see how the artist can turn a “rock” into something so “soft” and fluid-looking. Snowballs……………yum!!!

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  5. There’s a moving day in Madison, when all the college students clear out their belongings and pile them on the street. Can’t remember the exact date, but I thought it was a pretty cool concept.

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