The Gardens are starting to look glorious outside! And the Temperate Pavilion is always nice!

I’m still touring the American wing- Gallery 735 is a room that is a panorama of Versailles (I don’t know why it’s in the American wing, but it’s really cool. The others are galleries 752-755. I love the miniatures- and the miniature paint box set.

  • Prosecco Camp at Eataly- got a talk from the head of a Prosecco Vineyard, plus yummy food!
  • Harry Potter Virtual Reality – I’m not even a good broom driver virtually- hit the virtual wall
  • The Peep cookie coop just cracked me up
  • Gen Korean BBQ- This place is unlimited food, and you get to cook it yourself! Fun and yummy!!

44 thoughts on “I Came, I Saw, I Ate- 2/26/23

  1. Wait- Peeps makes cookies now? When did that happen? I don’t do Peeps but a cookie might be acceptable. My oldest had Prosecco at her wedding- a nod to SIL big Italian family. It was tasty. My eyes get tired just thinking about trying to paint in miniature ๐Ÿ˜‰

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    1. I saw that peeps thing at Michaelโ€™s when I was on line. Cracked me up. I drink fruity cocktails and sparkling wine, but it was interesting hearing the Prosecco maker talk about the process. Really cool, and now I want to visit the regionโ€ฆ

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      1. Always nice when theyโ€™re in town, though I was mentally exhausted too! We did a jigsaw puzzle which I love, but my back hasnโ€™t forgiven me for sitting on the floor

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  2. What a great week! And now to be a tad snarky: I can clear up your confusion about the location of Versailles. Chalk it up to the great American educational system. Oregon can teach PC math, but in the rest of the country, only a few brave elementary educators sneak in lessons in geography and history (and science). Otherwise, it is reading and math all the way. The rest of the day is spent teaching to the test and in the “nonessentials” (P.E. , art, and music) while the teachers collaborate on devising more tests. But, never fear, in the tradition of 1984, maps can just be recreated to show Versailles as a treasured part of American heritage.

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