I had trouble writing little summaries under the galleries…All my NYC adventures were wonderful this week. I am a sucker for mother and child art work, so I loved the Innocence exhibit at the Met. We had unseasonably warm weather so the gardens were wonderful! As was the gelato…

34 thoughts on “I Came, I Saw, I ate…2/19/23

  1. Oh my goodness…another feast for the eyes — thank you, LA! I think I forgot to share that I loved your snaps from parents weekend…I was too busy enjoying all that you shared in that post. This one? Also terrific! And yes…mothers and children in art? Sigh. Love, love, love. 😊

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  2. I haven’t really seen real gelato in years! I liked the outdoor shots, but I noticed the Italian movie poster. If you liked that one, Una Vita Difficile, try to find Cinema Paradiso. It is in Italian with subtitles. It is one of the most touching, heartfelt films I ever saw.

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