Every evening I write down ten things that defined my day. I try to capture the good and the bad, things that I am grateful for, things that I am looking forward to, and what I do that day just for me, I really just write the little details that made that day different from others. I enjoy it and it works for me. Here’s some things pulled from various days over the past week:

  1. Saw someone get arrested at Target- apparently at self check out they only paid for one thing but had like ten things in their bag
  2. A man clearly older than me got up to give me his seat on the bus. I didn’t know whether I should be flattered because he thought I was attractive enough to be chivalrous, or he thought I was older than him…
  3. Lady Eve is a pretty brilliant movie on many levels
  4. Got strangely addicted to tv show Physical 100 on Netflix- though the dubbed voices are the worst
  5. -11 with the wind chill when I walked six minutes to gym- normally takes me eight so I’m pretty sure wind blew me there
  6. It’s funny how people think money buys taste and class- when really, having money highlights those who have it but who are lacking in intellect, taste and a sense of refinement
  7. The Frank Lloyd Wright room at the Met impresses me every time I am there
  8. New glaucoma test at eye doctor much less invasive than past tests- and thrilled all ok with my eyes- and no prescription change
  9. Glad I have idea for 2nd major turning point- now just need to get ideas to get to that point
  10. Physical 100 in Netflix stupidly addictive

What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make. Jane Goodall

50 thoughts on “Ten Things: 2/11/23

    1. That one that had me chuckling too. And the glaucoma test – I heard that it was a Covid thing that had them rethinking blowing puffs of air into the eye because that could disperse germs. Is that why there’s a new test?

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    1. I once read this article that showed how the nouveau riche dress to impress with expensive labels, never wearing the same thing in public twice, and that included newly minted billionaires. And then they showed some photos of (then) Prince Charles (now King Charles III) and his sister, Princess Anne. Charles was wearing a mended jacket from the 80s, Anne was wearing the same outfit several times over the decades, since the 80s (they showed photos with dates). Apparently, when you’re “truly” rich you don’t feel the need to impress?

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      1. That is a great example! There is definitely a difference between the nouveaux riche and the old crowd. I remember one can clearly see this in some old towns on Long Island-Quogue, East Hampton, etc.

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      2. I had many family members who lived in West Hampton, friends in Quogue, Montauk, Flanders…even years ago, I was pointed out the difference by family and friends. The ultra big houses of the new wealthy, eeh.

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  1. LA I think the man on the bus was following good manners protocol. I taught my sons certain basic forms of etiquette like that. I would bet that either of my sons would have given up their seat to you. My father taught my brother and I those skills and I in turn taught them to my children. I think many simple polite gestures are lost today. (For instance the man always walks on the outside closest to the street, to opening doors for a young lady. (the girl can choose to do it herself but I told them it’s always polite to offer first), and various other basic gestures that are considered polite. Modern society is less formal but treating people in a considerate way never truly goes out of style.

    One of the interesting things about living in an over 55 community is the behavior of men Over 60. They are usually very polite to women. Yep, apparently, the older generation of males were coached on good behavior. Manners has always been apart of the elementary curriculum too. And by the time I retired many basic etiquette pleasantries were no longer considered necessary. ( I personally don’t think being polite is ever outdated. )

    But its historically interesting too. For instance many of our customs today date back to a time when walking about arm and arm was the norm.. And the man was always to walk closer to the curb to prevent his female companion in her long gown, from being splashed with dirt or mud from the horses. I told my kids about the origin of some of the rules and they found them interesting. People always told me how polite my sons were. And honestly i just taught them a few basic lessons my dad taught my brother.

    Either way, you had a lovely gesture and that’s wonderful.

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  2. Focus on #2. I liked that one because it doesn’t happen often anymore. A while back I offered my seat to a woman on the #5 IRT train. She was younger than me and she was cute, carrying a big bag. She acted very insulted that I would that and gave me a nasty sounding NO. Shame that even back then and more so now you have to consider things like that when you are trying to be polite.
    Also #5…Amazing how athletic you can get when it is so cold. 🤭🤭

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    1. It was crazy. First time I saw that at target. She must do it a lot because the police were there when I got to the store so they must have called when she entered


      1. Why would shhe think she would get away with that again. i don’t know if I feel sorry for her or feel that she deserves to go to jail. Thher a re cameras everywhere and you have to know someone will see you.
        I was at TJ Maxx the other day and I heard a bunch of rattling so I glanced to my right and I saw a big tall man shoving bags of snacks down his pants. I immediately left out the store because I didn’t want him to think I snitched.

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  3. LA….I was wondering what the new less invasive glaucoma test was about? I hate that puff of air thing, but when they measure my pressure with the hand held device after freezing drops I always flinch and clench my jaw which makes my pressure higher (I’m borderline high normal). The last time I went they had a new handheld device which did not actually touch the eye ball so they didn’t have to freeze them but I wondered how that could possibly measure accurately. When my mother goes to the Eye Specialty Clinic they have the “gold standard” machine which they bring right up to your eyeball, which I believe is more accurate, if you actually have glaucoma as opposed to just a screening test. And the glaucoma doctor does it himself, as opposed to a technician.

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    1. This machine seemed like the standard, chin in the cup, eye up to the machine, but first they did like a light show which scans the whole eye, but I think it also relaxed it, and the puff was tiny , but they only had to do it once, and the picture looked great

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  4. Have you been to one of Frank Lloyd’ Wright’s house Falling Waters? I bet you would really like it.
    Wow on actually seeing someone be arrested at the self checkouts. I am not surprised they were shoplifting, just surprised they were actually caught.
    I had to smile about the man on the bus. A very polite man. 🙂

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