A few months ago, I looked at the products in my medicine cabinet, and I thought…

Do I need all these creams and masques and serums?

I know that I don’t have as many products as some, but I probably have more than others, so I decided to take stock and try to use less products.

I kept the soap and the moisturizers, but I stopped using the serums and the masques and the majority of the potions that take up two shelves in my medicine chest.

Do you know what I found?

My pores got clogged. Seriously- I developed small white clogged pores known as milia (no- milia isn’t just for infants…) around my nose and mouth…basically milia are clogged pores…I’d never had them before because I used scrubs and exfoliants that didn’t allow them to form. I used serums that reduced my pores from getting clogged…

My skin got itchy. My skin had lost some of its moisture and patchy and dry in spots. The things that I used cleaned my skin so that the moisturizers were able to absorb into the skin.

My skin looked ashier than it had before- it lost its glow so to speak…and became dull. See the two things above for why products help…

And just like that…I had become a true believer in products…I knew that there really was something to the unguents that sat on the bathroom shelf…

Some will say that it’s all in the mind- I think that these things work, so I’m looking at myself for something specific, and when I stopped using the products, I was hyper aware of my skin. And there is a point to be made for that line of thinking…

However, just the other day I was with a long time friend. As we sat across from one another across the table, I took off my glasses. My friend remarked- What do you use around your eyes because they look great- you have no lines…

Not only did I not have lines, I felt good. On the coldest day of the year my skin didn’t feel dry or tight or itchy- it felt supple. I didn’t have little white bumps that form on my nose where my glasses rest. I felt good. And that’s what it’s all about, isn’t it? Feeling good?

I will continue to buy some products- not a cosmetic store amount, but just some basics that can aide my skin and help it to behave like I want it to. And I’ll no longer question the five or six tubes that line the medicine counter shelves. I’ll just use them and feel good about my skin. Because in the end you have to do what feels right to you.

41 thoughts on “Do I Need All This?

  1. Every so often I treat myself to a professional facial. And the number one thing the aesthetician talks about is dehydration and the importance of using good moisturizers and serums. I’m not good about doing it, but when I am I notice a difference.

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  2. I too treat myself to a facial every so often… but it’s been years (pandemic etc). Meanwhile, I chucked everything I had that was old(ish) and now I use Shea butter or coconut oil on my face. I don’t know what to tell you, it works better than any product I purchased from the cosmetics people, so that’s what I stick with now.

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  3. I stopped using the doctor recommended serums and moisturizers and cleansers and scripts during the lockdown portion of the pandemic. Now without them I buy my products at the drugstore. I look fine and have saved money because of it. I’ve changed for the better I’d say.

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    1. I’ve never gone to a Derm so I’ve always relied on drugstore brands. Occasionally I’ll get something from kiehls or Philip Thomas Roth for my eyes but mainly L’Oréal, and olay

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  4. I agree, but you don’t need to use the expensive stuff. In fact some homemade products work too. I made a scrub out of olive oil and sugar. It worked very well. If you feel good, you look good!

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  5. I say do what works for you! I am not a product person at all and have used the same few items for years. I’m currently changing from using plastic bottled shampoo/conditioner to the bar type of products for environmental reasons. I’m also phasing out plastics in general so stuff is changing all around me. I have no idea how all this will impact my skin as products go away but after taking stock of what leaves my apartment for the trash I decided being more aware was more important to me at this point.

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  6. Yes we need all of it and then some! I have dry, sensitive skin so I have to be careful. But I do follow a nightly routine now and my face feels so soft in the morning.
    But maybe I should try your eye cream since the jerk lumped me into the old category! LOL

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  7. Define “need”…

    I mean, if it works, which it seems your specific skin regimen is working, then maybe don’t throw out the baby OR the bath water…

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  8. Not to be fresh, but whatever happened to the saying, ” You’re beautiful just the way you are.” I understand we want to look our best. But, maybe our best can’t be found in a bottle or a tube. Maybe our best comes from inside, feeling content, necessary and loved. Maybe our best can come from a long walk in the cold or in, heaven forbid, the sun. Remember when those things were good for you? Creams and that are not a waste, don’t get me wrong, and I also know I am speaking as a male, but there is so much more to beauty than that. For instance, YOU, LA. You’re obviously bright and talented. You have a daughter in whom you take pride and a husband who loves you. You must have something going.

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    1. But skincare isn’t about beauty really…it’s self care and taking care of what you have. Dry patchy skin isn’t really healthy. Neither are clogged pores.


      1. No, no. I didn’t mean to minimize. Your skin is kind of a window to your health. But it just seems that we have become so specialized, so targeted. What is good for this skin condition may adversely affect something else. That is why I feel that comes from within. A good, positive attitude, a sincere smile, the ability to look on the brighter side all influences health of the body and the soul. Skin care has to be a part of the physicality, but mental health does too.

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  9. Since my cousin started selling a high-end brand, I’ve used all these products for the first time in my life. It won’t undo the damage or get rid of the wrinkles, but for the most part, a lot of issues cleared up and the skin feels good. So, what the heck. I phased out the ones I felt I didn’t need and just stick with a few.

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  10. I used to take great care of my skin but have become lazy over the years. So looking at my skin I decided that I had to start and stick to, a new regime. That meant I had to tidy the drawer full of products, some of which had languished there for ages and just keep a few that I know worked. I had four (yes four) different cleanser products and I will finish those that are within their use-by date and proved to be effective in the past, and then revert to baby oil. This magical product is so good for so many things, not least helping my aged skin.

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  11. I think if you like the way the creams and serums make you look and feel, then absolutely you should keep using them! I’m not at all happy with my skin, especially the bags under my eyes and the wrinkles on my neck. I know I’m stuck with those, but if you don’t mind my asking, what products do you use? If I could get the rest of my skin to look better, I’d consider that a win!

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  12. Good for you for taking good care of your skin. So many women don’t and it shows. I’ve used Estee Lauder Night Repair for 36 years, since I turned 30 and I swear it’s a miracle serum. It’s a bit expensive but I only buy a large 50ml size bottle twice a year and time it with the gift with purchase which I often give away as most of their creams are unscented. It’s the only high end product I buy though. I like the Marcelle line as it’s unscented, and that $80 Marcelle 12 Days of Magic Advent calender I bought after Christmas for $25 was full of wonderful products. I’ll have to do that again next year.

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  13. Every now & again, I have a go at tweaking my facial regime, but am yet to find a magic bullet. I’ve had (horrendously) dry skin all my life but, with menopause, it goes from desert to oil well within a couple of hours. If I apply sunscreen or any form of lotion, I get spots… not the little ones you mentioned, but big red nasty ones. Even gel can lead to the same outcome. The people I’ve consulted don’t appear to get it and, rather than acknowledge experimentation is needed, just repeat the standard advice. I’ve decided I’d rather have wrinkles than great big red blemishes, so focus on keeping it clean, and rarely wear make-up.

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  14. You find out what works for you and stick with it. As I age I have found that I need different items to keep me hydrated and my skin looking good, I have 4 products that I use on a daily basis and even my dermatologist thinks I look good!

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