I have a computer that works off the Microsoft operating system. I tend not to use the Microsoft tools, so it’s really just my ease at using a PC vs a Mac that ties me to this type of operating system. I am a big user of google docs and I use the yahoo and google for my mail.



Mainly fine.

Somehow when I got this computer a few years ago, when I was registering it, I misspelled my email.

Yeah- I know. Of all the things that I could screw up my email on, how did it have to be for setting up my computer?

For the most part this doesn’t matter.

Of course, it doesn’t matter until it does matter…

I needed to do something with my computer which required me to log in, which required me to use my email. Of course I can’t log in because the email doesn’t work….because I used the wrong email

Have you ever tried to reach a tech company?

I seriously thought about getting a new computer even though there is absolutely nothing wrong with mine…that’s how frustrated I was with the whole wrong email thing…

I figured out a work around…for now…but I am still unable to access certain things on my computer. I really don’t have the bandwidth to deal with this, as I have too much swimming around in my head already, but luckily it has not proven to be a problem of late…

Of course, that could change tomorrow…

Tech is great…until something goes wrong and you can’t figure out how to fix it…

66 thoughts on “Wrong Email

  1. Yep, I hear you. I had a kind of similar thing happen w/ us and an on line account. Difference was, the e-mail attached to it, was no longer valid (I’d deleted it, due to spam.) Fortunately, there was a real human being on the other end, when I tried to sort things out, and they were able to help me. I just tried to log onto a government website 5 minutes ago to check on something. Did not recognize my user name, and I don’t have time to sort it out. Time to get ready for work. Have a great day LA! DM

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  2. Your last line says it all! And the habit most sites have these days of changing their interfaces regularly for no apparent reason, often clearly without having tested their latest interface with any end users in advance, doesn’t help. Good luck!

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  3. Email problems are real! That’s why we need to get the chip implant. 🤓 Just kidding. Sorry you’re having tech problems. I had an issue with my blog yesterday that caused me extreme consternation. It worked out. I downgraded to the cheaper plan and I thought I lost two years of posts , but later they returned. I was freaking out.

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  4. Oh ouch, LA. I do this for a living (more or less) and can tell you that’s a tough one for all users. So sorry for the hassle. But before you go buy a new computer, do you have a Microsoft store nearby where they could help in person by any chance?

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  5. Yeah. Remember when computers were supposed to make our lives easier? Trying to reach a tech company or anywhere else for that matter is like going through a maze where there is really no way out. After listening to a dozen choices from their menu, you can be directed to hang up or try again later. I remember a few years back, my computer crashed so I lost a bunch of information. I brought it to this place and they restored it, but none of my older information made it. He said it wasn’t in the memory. Gone. Just gone. I guess the message here is computers are great as a means to run/ruin your life as we morph as a species injected with chips and techno devices that will do whatever they want us to do.

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    1. My friend told me she tried to buy airline tickets yesterday. Problem with account info that couldn’t be fixed. She switched to another airline


  6. Grrr! I feel (maybe even hear😉) your frustration out here. My husband has a similar Apple issue. Because he has had a variety of email addresses over time, he has a variety of logins and associated passwords for various apps in the app store. This becomes a big issue for app updates–especially when Apple wants to verify for an app to an address that is no longer working. We have contacted Apple with the hope of merging the accounts, but after the conversations with techies that everyone has endured in these situations, we decided it just wasn’t going to happen. I hope you can continue to find workarounds. A new computer would be expensive and could create new problems for you. Life is too short to be bogged down with tech issues, but it seems we have created a monster. Maybe the Amish have the right idea.

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  7. Isn’t tech GREAT!? Sometimes stuff stops working and you are innocent of all wrongdoing. I’m fighting with my phone which has decided that it is ignoring text messages… I am in deep crapola with the wife because I am “ignoring” her texts. I’ve spent 3 days playing with all the sound setting. I get notifications for everything except text. I’ve asked her to second me test text, they have gone from cute to simply “jerk.” Go to the MS store, save yourself.

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    1. Oh…a few months ago my phone would randomly dial 911….. it turns out I had to update the operating system…but really….this should never be the desired way of getting my attention

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      1. The first time it happened I was in the market. My phone was in my bag. I heard this annoying sound and I was like omg will that person get their phone….😂

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  8. I’m Team Mac all the way. Which is completely irrelevant to your dilemma – Mac users would also have difficulty troubleshooting if they entered their email correctly upon setup. Guess I just wanted to give a shout-out to the Mac! (I’m also Team Microsoft Office. The two truly are compatible.)

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  9. I feel your pain, having spent a large chunk of December and all of January dealing with one tech issue after another, to the extent that I began to wonder what particular all powerful being I’d pissed off & how. I’ve solved two – the most important ones, and I’m taking a break to build up the energy before making attempts to deal with the remainder. It is draining of both time & energy, and especially frustrating when my to-do list is overwhelming.

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