Forgiveness is the best way to disempower the enemy. Gift Gugu Mona

Every evening I write down ten assorted memories of my day- good, bad, funny, sad, gratitude or annoyance. Here’s a sample from the past seven days…

  1. I finally figured out how to best store my yoga mat- the solution has been literally staring me in the face for years yet I was too blind to see it. how’s that for a life lesson.
  2. My daughter needed me to send her her red dress. I found some other things to send her and closed the box before I’d added the red dress….I was not happy about opening the box and reclosing it
  3. I had amazing subway connections going to Brooklyn Botanic- hit everything in record time. This never happens…
  4. Sunday’s wordle word was stupid
  5. when I went to Trader Joe’s, they had full shelves, no lines and an great cashier
  6. I have about 12 Oscar nominated movies to see between now and March
  7. My favorite apple guy wasn’t at the Farmers Market and Ive become addicted to his evercrisps…
  8. Realized that I screwed up reservations for my daughter’s graduation- thrilled that I was able to fix it
  9. grateful for really wonderful conversations on my blog this week
  10. movies that are 3 hours and 12 minutes are way too long

43 thoughts on “Ten Things: 1/28/23

  1. Three hour long movies! When I was teaching a writing class a few years ago, I used that analogy. A longer movie doesn’t automatically make it better, the same thing with prose and length. Most times, the shorter, the better. But, oh how we like to hear ourselves talk. Great list LA, have a great weekend!

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  2. Overall it sounds like a good week, except for the apple guy. It’s so disappointing when you find something you really like and then it disappears 😦 Hopefully not for good though…

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  3. I myself have been an apple vendor at the farmers market for several years. (not lately) When we visited Pike’s Market in Seattle, I tried to think through the logistics of bringing my wares into the City, and be ready to roll by the opening bell. That would be no small feat…and to do it in the Big Apple..even more challenging. Next time you see your apple guy, make sure he knows just how special he is..(just a suggestion) 🙂 DM

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  4. A film like Gone with the wind, I’m OK with the length. Lawrence of Arabia would be another. But to watch a 3 hour movie with Adam Sandler? There should be a law. The rest, forgetting the red dress and such, these could be the mistakes that keep you from being a goddess.

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  5. I agree with the quote on forgiveness. Even if the person doesn’t know you have forgiven them, it relieves you of wrestling with the burden of an unresolved issue and associated pain and anger. Thus, they no longer have that unspoken control.

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    1. Not only that, if you remember the last version of The Hobbit? There was definitely enough content for 3 LotRs movies, and they were spectacular! But there just wasn’t enough for 3 Hobbit movies which seemed like 5 hours each 😀

      I love your #1 observance despite the frustration I hear in your voice, I’m awed that you are able to SEE new things in “old” settings. Most of us become “blind” to new solutions, that’s a fabulous attribute!

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  6. I have to say that I’m happy you shared about doing this Ten Things. I decided to start using that in my daily journal and it’s amazing how much I can miss about my day when I don’t give much thought to it. I even find myself keeping a running note in my phone of things I want to put in my journal at the end of the day. Love this!

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