For some reason I had a lot of trouble with the gallery block when I was trying to do this post- This was a frustrating morning and I’m just happy I didn’t throw the computer out the window….insert exasperated face here!!!

34 thoughts on “I Came, I Saw, I Ate

    1. Try chocolate, too, does wonders to … well, everything? 🙂

      I was touched by the melancholy in the Brooklyn Botanic Garden photo, and even though the trees are bare, the ground is so green it feels one with a sense of hope and renewal: FANTASTIC photo!

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      1. I think we don’t appreciate the trees when they not in bloom, but look at the structure and the roots. It’s perfection


  1. I too am happy you did not throw your computer out the window! Your images turned out fabulous and I love that quote about the aging leaves, “how full of color and light.” And I love walking with you through the galleries and then you take us to lunch! Hugs, C

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  2. I am glad you didn’t throw your computer out either! But yes, they can be totally frustrating at times!
    I really enjoy looking at furniture from centuries ago as well! Have you been to the Louvre before? I think you would love it!

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  3. I hope my long planned though as usual delayed/put-off effort to post a gallery is not as difficult in the attempt or as unsatisfying/confusing in the result as the pattern I tried to implement with the same media. In other words, I hope that experience was a one off and not indicative of something WP may have done with galleries!

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      1. I may have run up against that as well but since I had so little experience with how it might have been before, my frustration level was minimal. You can look for the results in a couple of weeks or so as my experimental gallery post is scheduled for later publication, at the end of my relo/move tale/saga.

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