Opportunities are usually disguised as hard work, so most people don’t recognize them. Ann Landers

Every day I write down ten things that defined my day. They can be good, bad or silly. Here’s a sample compiled from my week.

  1. My friend K was in from California and I got to have coffee with her
  2. My ice cream maker broke so I was a little sad
  3. Really liking pickleball- though it’s weird how there’s a stigma against it- I’m always amazed with things that others can poke fun at
  4. Giants win a playoff game?
  5. When I made bread today I forgot to use parchment paper so it was a travail getting it off pan
  6. Had dinner with my best NYC friend- so grateful for her because without her I would not have survived parenting and schools in NYC- she has been an amazing friend to me, and her daughter has been an amazing friend to my daughter
  7. I saw a play a few months ago that I thought was horrible but the Times gave it a Critics Pick. Thrilled to have met two people who hated the play as much as I did
  8. My Husband screwed up something but when he realized he apologized to me
  9. Thrilled that I have been doing well at organizing things in my bedroom and desk area
  10. Shocked that I liked the movie M3GAN because it is not a genre that I typically like

39 thoughts on “Ten Things- 1/21/22

  1. I have to chuckle at the reference to pickleball. The condo where I live has a tennis court, as well as a new resident who is apparently a pickleball world champion. There’s also a long-time resident who is a retired tennis champion and teaches on the court. I don’t even know what pickleball is, but it’s been a HUGE issue in our complex for the past year.

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    1. It’s a racquet sport usually played as doubles on a smaller court. I like it because it’s easier on my knees as I can’t run on the tennis court as I used to. But yes…many places are having that debate


  2. Love that you had a chance to connect w/ your friend from Cali and, you had a chance to have dinner w/ your best friend form NYC. Friendships like that are gifts, Huge gifts…. I read a review of that movie about the creepy doll this week. Review said it had some powerful critiques about current culture (didn’t go into detail), plus not too much actual gore. You had a good week. Good to hear about hubby owning up. That stuff can be hard, but so good to keep the wheels greased in relationships. Thanks for posting! Lots of food for thought.

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  3. I took particular notice about your husband’s apology. He is a giant among men. A true gentleman. A wonderful person can admit a mistake and apologize for it and he obviously fits that description. (We husbands have to stick together)

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  4. I’m sure there’s a bad joke about husbands apologizing for our screw-ups, but, I’ll let it go, because I’m sure I owe my wife an apology for something that I haven’t owned up to yet. Ha, ha, in any event, good for your husband. Leading the way for the rest of us! 😎

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  5. This is so fun. Not just that you write these things down, which is wonderful in itself. But also that you share them. They give us a glimpse into LA. Also, the Ann Landers quote is one of my all-time, hands-down favorites! Hope you have a great weekend. 🤍

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  6. I’m a little leery of critics’ opinions on so many things, because it seems like they hate the things I enjoy, or love the things I think are awful. And sometimes when we agree and enjoy a thing, they still want to nitpick about details, and I just want to enjoy the thing without picking at it. So I rarely read critics’ opinions these days. Unless they’re bloggers I’ve been following for a while, and I’ve come to know their likes/dislikes and how they compare to mine.

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    1. My friend and I saw the show in previews. I love her to death, but she’s nuts about reading reviews about everything which makes her head spin, so when we see shows together (we share a theater subscription) I try to get us during the previews so she’s not all Linda Blair before the show. But I agree…I don’t get critics….they go too far sometimes, and often have an agenda. I admit to looking at a rotten tomatoes aggregate, because I often think the average ends up being about right, and I tend to agree with the average.


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