My local gym used to have a ton of classes: spin and body conditioning and yoga, etc. Then pandemic, and gyms shut down for a bit. When they reopened, my local gym had very few classes on the roster. This was a problem for me as I am a big fan of classes. I need motivation to work out. Period. This is neither good nor bad, it’s just me. While I can and do go to the gym and jump on the elliptical five times a week, I love a class.

Slowly my gym has begun adding more classes. But a few months ago they started having virtual spinning classes in the facility (as opposed to the Peloton model where you can do the classes at home).

I was not happy about these virtual classes. I like doing things in person with a live instructor. However, a virtual instructor was better than no class, so I began attending two spin classes a week.

I hate to admit this, but I loved it.

The teacher was teaching live at a studio, and there were four other gyms taking part in the same class, and we all participated by watching a huge TV in the cycling rooms at our own particular location. We could see the instructor, but she couldn’t see us. However, the instructors were able to monitor our bikes, and our progress, from the studio where they were filming. The class was set up so that my gym would be “competing” against the other gyms. Throughout the class, our stats would flash up on the monitor: how on pace we were with how the instructor was telling us to go, and how much power we were using. (FYI- I was awesome at pacing but really lousy at power)

My competitive nature clearly came out, as did the competitive nature of the others in the class. As we were cheering ourselves over “beating” the other teams, we would be laughing at ourselves for how all out we would go for this meaningless tribute.

I was working out and having fun. I really enjoyed the class.

You may have noticed that I was sort of speaking in the past tense. About six weeks ago the gym decided it wasn’t going to do virtual classes anymore. We don’t know why they stopped because we get absolutely no communication about what is and isn’t happening. But I was a little sad that virtual spin was over.

Luckily, my gym added some live, in person instructors so that there are now a few more spin classes. In fact, I was sitting on bike 19 at 6am today.

When I scheduled this post a few months ago, I thought I would be telling you about how virtual spin class was awesome- but instead I’m giving you its obituary. In a blink of an eye, things change. I guess that’s the lesson of today’s post…enjoy things while you can because nothing lasts forever.

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  1. I, too have loved spin class, past tense. I got up at 4:45 twice a week for a solid year so I could join in with others in going nowhere fast. I made “gym friends”. It was a lot of fun – and healthy too!

    Then we moved.

    We joined a gym, but they don’t do classes at all. I really miss the way I had it before.

    Yeah. Whatever it is, enjoy it while you can!

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  2. Your last sentence is so true, LA, and what an interesting example to use for that life lesson! It’s great that you find so much enjoyment at your gym, in addition to getting all that exercise!

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  3. How interesting! I can almost picture you spinning. 😉

    I’m not a fan of exercise classes and prefer working out on my own.

    The main thing about virtual classes here are in terms of academics, and the multiple ways they are all teaching now (hybrid, I guess?). At the college level where they finally returned to the classroom in person, they have to also do a live virtual as well as a recording for later playing for absentee students. I wonder if they do virtual for gym or athletics… 🤷‍♀️

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  4. Your description of the spin class sounds like it was a lot of fun.

    I can relate to things no longer being around. I used to take hot yoga in a small studio. The instructors were brothers, from India. The classes were challenging, and I loved sweating it out (I know, not everyone’s cup of tea). Then the studio closed, because…you know. Ugh.

    Anyway, I decided to re-start hot yoga now that things are open. Sadly, my studio has closed. The website is non-existent. I ended buying a 10-class pass at a studio just down the street from where I work.

    So far, I’ve attended two classes. I’m trying to go once/week. I selected a “candlelight” class with music. Based on the description, it seemed like a beginner class. Even though I’m not a beginner, it’s been a while since my last class, so I thought I’d start slow.

    This class was anything but slow. Thank goodness, I had previously done yoga, otherwise I would have been completely lost. I have other gripes, but I’ll save them for a blog post. Thank you for giving me the idea. 😉

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  5. That’s interesting about the virtual classes. I’ve never done anything like that in terms of exercise, but it sounds like they made it really fun! Sorry to hear it ended, but glad you’re able to go in person. And kudos to you for getting up/out and going! I’ve completely fallen off the exercise wagon. 🤦🏼‍♀️

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  6. I have never tried spin classes and I also prefer in-person teaching and learning. This virtual class seems fun. Maybe they only started virtual classes as an experiment or as a trial.

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  7. LA you are a super star! I did virtual or YouTube classes during the height of the pandemic. They were ok. But you are correct, Nothing beats the motivation of being there in person.
    I must admit I’m amazed at your stamina and physical accomplishments. And while I personally don’t share your love for non stop physical torture, I mean exercise, I admire your fortitude. Good for you. I could never do any of the workouts you do. Holy cow!

    Part of me thinks… why do you torture your body this way? But, I know why. The same high I get when buying a new leather, hand stitched, vegetable dyed tote bag on sale, you get on an exercise bike. You just Have to do it and I have to have it. We both get a high. You have to exercise. It’s no different from me having to buy that handbag. I compete by making sure I buy the bag during the window of the sale. It doesn’t matter that I can live without it. In fact it won’t change my life if I do buy it . But I’ll feel better if I do. You are an exercise junkie.And I applaud you for your success. My addiction has to stop or I’ll owe too much money. Lol Yours will make you look good. So you win. Lol But I still question and think why so much exercise and Why so often? What happens when you can’t exercise? Why so many days a week? Do you think you won’t get old or die if you exercise every day? I looked young, ate healthy, never ate red meat, only ate organic, and I still got cancer. I did everything right. Now I tell people eat whatever the heck you want. It doesn’t matter. Live your life and just be happy. The universe does its thing no matter what.

    I used to walk every day, do my sit ups, basic exercises three ties a week and do walk away the pounds with a group of people at my clubhouse, or after school when I taught I did it in the my portable classroom with a group of teachers. . Cancer has stopped me from all that. During a brief remission time I did YouTube videos because of the pandemic. But it was to build up strength. None of the exercise I did during my lifetime prevented cancer. In my chemo groups there are a plethora of women. Many are athletes. They always wear fabulous exercise outfits to chemo. Nonetheless they still got cancer. All are shocked and angry. So I say, exercise for yourself. If you love it, then do it. Don’t do it for health. Because there are no guarantees. But if it feeds your soul then embrace it. Do it because you enjoy it. It’s quite impressive what you are a pale todo.

    I’m very impressed with your physical accomplishments. You are a real rockstar. Bravo! Just don’t over do. And if this lifestyle makes you feel good, then more power to you and it it. My bff, who passed away from cancer a few years back, hired a personal trainer while she was in remission. Exercise was vital to her. It gave her purpose her entire life and she was always exercising. I can’t tell you how many exercise classes she dragged me to that she adored and I hated. But exercise made her happy and probably lengthened her life by several years during her treatment. So do what makes you happy. You will defy the odds!
    You are a mighty woman! 💪

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    1. I’ll take the kudos, but I some days it’s harder than others to go work out! Like today. I decided to write first then go to the gym because it’s my weights day, and really…I have so little motivation to life weights even though I know I need to!


  8. I haven’t been in a gym for about 20 years. I’m not great in classes either, probably because I relate them to my experience of aerobics classes where everyone else knew the routine, and I never caught up. I was OK with step classes, but they appear to have gone out of fashion.

    I’ll stick with walking. Am also looking at online chair yoga and dance classes. I need to do them, but honestly, I need to get past the idea of what else I could be doing with the time ‘cos the list is so long.

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    1. I feel better when I work out. Except today when I was at the gym I realized I screwed up something that needed to be fixed (not life altering but major annoyance) so I was too anxious to enjoy the burn

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      1. Feel The burn! Oh that awful phrase. Years ago when I first had Jane Fonda’s exercise album, ( actually I had the record version first which was released before it was on tape. I’d be sitting or spread out on the floor doing sit ups or leg lifts and Jane would say something like , “Feel the burn. Doesn’t it feel good?” And ever time she’d say it I’d huff and puff and shout out, “No, Jane, it doesn’t feel good! I hate the darn burn! F you Jane! “
        Because By the time I got to that part of the exercise routine I wanted to smack Ms. Fonda. How dare she like the burn. Lol I’ve never enjoyed exercising unless it was through dance. But, I envy people who enjoy it. (I’m not one of those people). Yet if I put on music I could dance all night.
        When I got certified in the area of gifted education, I had to do several presentations . One I did was on creating masks and puppets used in various cultures around the world and one was a creative movement lesson presented help primary teachers encourage young children to be open AND creatively express themselves through art, music, dance and movement. I had them use props, toys, scarves etc. and move around the room to various types of music (classical, ethnic, rock, folk etc ). It was great fun to see adults dancing around the room to music and whirling and twirling, flapping scarves in the air etc. I used to have a friend who was a yoga teacher come in and do exercises with my students every two weeks on Fridays. It’s healthy to exercise . Good for you. I personally never liked that burn. Lol

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  9. “I guess that’s the lesson of today’s post…enjoy things while you can because nothing lasts forever.” Nailed it LA. And by the way electricity, hot water, and the ability to toast some sourdough with way too much melted butter can be fleeting also! If anything, we’re learning to be resilient. Hugs, C

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      1. Oh I hate that. That’s why you fill your tub up in Florida during Hurricanes and bad storms. We lose power and then you can’t flush. At least if you know a storm is coming ahead of time you can fill up your tub and then use that water and pour it in the back tower part of your toilet which allows it to flush.

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