40 thoughts on “I Came, I Saw, I Ate, I Lived-1/8/23

  1. Great way to spend the week with your daughter before return to school! The Broadway museum looks like so much fun as does the LV trunk exhibit. And the front of Chanel. This is a very fashion forward/glamour sort of post LA- very nice!

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  2. I remember that name “Goldberg” from childhood. They owned a summer home in the Borscht belt near us. They owned a clothing business in Manhattan(wife was a designer) and he was a musician. I don’t suppose this is their plaque but the world is a small place. Enjoyed the memory.

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  3. Some great pictures and some old memories. We loved Broadway and saw so many great shows. Also visited a lot of great restaurants. You chose a great way to spend time with your daughter. She’ll always remember it, and you will too!

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  4. I went down a rabbit hole with the “great white way,” and learned a lot of NYC history. It would be a great museum to visit. Those red teddy bears enjoying their tea (with honey, no doubt) are outstanding.

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