Imagine if a Mom took her daughter to New York City to see the Rockettes Christmas Show at Radio City. This was a girl scout trip- so picture a bunch of little kids excited to see a holiday show.

Now imagine that a venue such as this uses facial recognition technology. What if the Mom worked for a law firm that is presently in a lawsuit against the parent company of the venue.

What if the Mom was denied access to Radio City because facial recognition flagged her as an enemy?

What if this wasn’t a science fiction story or dystopian movie?

There’s all sorts of ways we can discuss this, but what’s YOUR take?

What do you think of facial recognition tools to keep out “enemies”?

Have we gone too far?

Am I a danger because I wrote this post?

Are you a danger because you read it?


56 thoughts on “Anything Can Happen Friday: Enemy

  1. That’s ridiculous and downright scary! I wonder…what about twins, etc..?? There is a big problem with the system if they can’t even tag people that are real threats. Yeah, kick out a mom going to see a show with her daughter and Girl Scout troop. Real threat there. Way to go! Maybe there will be another lawsuit? 😳

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      1. Oh I think it’s wrong on a million levels. She wasn’t even working on the case…she just worked at the law firm. This is an issue we should be thinking about

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      2. Evidently, they were spooked and aware enough to send her packing which makes this a very curious event and something that was well known for security. Interesting. Must be extremely contentious.

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      3. I say “Follow the Money” as a writer, it makes me curious. I have had a few very weird lurkers on my blog and maybe I was denied entry but did not know it. C’est la vie. 2023 a new year. Lets try for fewer law suits.

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  2. Interesting blog. Facial recognition is an amazing tool. But the reality is, it isn’t foolproof. And that is what has to be kept in mind. I love science and technology. And everything gets more precise and sophisticated as time goes on and as we invent more tech tools.
    This story, however is rather concerning.

    I know that on my iPad Pro I am constantly paired up on face recognition to be the same person as my youngest son (who looks like a boy version of younger self.. So much so that his older brother calls him Mom Junior.) I am also paired up to look like a young Marlow Thomas when she played in the old TV show “That girl”. My college photos link me up with actress Olivia Hussey(who played Juliet in the 1969 film R and J. ). Depending on my age in a photograph my facial recognition comes up differently. Now my face is being inked with my mom and grandma as I’m aging. Younger photos have myself, my father, my sister, niece and my youngest son coming up as facial recognition matches. So clearly depending on the decade I’ve been in my Life, I would be linked with someone else. When I lost all my hair and donned a couple different wigs, the facial recognition paired me up with a bunch of celebrity blondes. Lol. Now that I’ve let the gray grow in, I’m linked with silver haired grandmothers lol so much for just the face part.

    My older son and his father come up as the same person on facial recognition tools on my iPad. . Clearly they are not. I wish facial recognition had been used at the insurrection on January 6th. Maybe less people would have died or been hurt, and more people turned away. If we have this technology, training, proper use, and common sense have to be applied to it. Perhaps Use it at the capital building rather than the ballet.
    I do find this technology kind of cool. But then, I like technology and find it fascinating. Progress is always a double edged sword. There are good uses for it. But training is key.

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      1. What or who is the enemy? That has always been subjective. In Florida today Gov DeSantis basically stated that all the refugees from Cuba who recently came by boat couldn’t stay . He turned them into a new enemy as he gathered up every boat filled with people since the new year so he can send them back. Interesting that second and third generation Cubans have suddenly made these people looking for freedom “the latest “ enemy. It’s bizarre. A few decades ago we would have found them sanctuary.

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      2. Well, I just finished a book about a boy trying to come here from El Salvador in the 90s and his group was deported twice after they crossed into America, and this was the Clinton administration, so I’m pretty sure everyone turned away people


  3. This is a horrible abuse of rights. Word images flash through my brain–Big Brother, CCP, DOJ. There may come a day when your post and my comment will target us as terrorists for questioning facial recognition, for standing up for freedom of expression. On a personal note, I feel so badly for this mother and daughter who wanted a special Christmas event. Both were publicly shamed and had done nothing wrong. I can’t imagine that the child enjoyed the performance or that she will ever want to return to Radio City Music Hall. You couldn’t pay me to go there. I hope MSG loses money over this because that is all big companies care about.

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  4. We have gone too far in the name of safety. There are limits. I read the story of the woman this happened to and I can only hope that she hires a good attorney. Give up freedoms and you will never get them back. I have so much more on this but it just annoys me so much, so I’ll spare you.

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  5. Technology has become quite scary, and yet, people in general don’t even question it. We look at all the benefits, and yet, there’s so much that’s very wrong and intrusive about certain aspects of it. That’s a crazy story.

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  6. We have given up all privacy in the name of convenience and safety. Mostly, people aren’t concerned about it because our government doesn’t abuse it too much….yet. But just think if we lived in a country where criticizing the government was a crime. (And that’s true in many.) The problem is, we take our freedoms for granted and don’t think about what will happen when they are lost.

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    1. We worry about the wrong things. And to a certain extent, we allow the media to guide us to bright and shiny objects instead of things that will come back and bite us

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